Piers Morgan and Alan Sugar help ‘dogging society’ coronavirus tweet go viral

Chesham Dogging Society is a long-running comedy Twitter account that even made its own mock-documentary ‘Sex In The Chilterns’ back in 2018.

It was a cult success, until the c oronavirus sent the Chesham Dogging Society 'viral.'

A tweet that read “Due to the #CoronaOutbreak all of our parties have been cancelled until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience caused” picked up thousands of retweets – including endorsements from Times columnist Caitlin Moran and Guardian journalist and pro-Corbyn activist Owen Jones.

Piers Morgan retweeted the message as part of his ongoing feud with Lord Sugar and the group even scored a mention on Good Morning Britain.

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It’s not clear if everyone who retweeted the gag was aware that it was a parody, but certainly some of the responses, including “You're a disgrace to the county of Buckinghamshire” suggested that some were maybe taking the tweets a shade too seriously.

Someone else asked: "Why don't you simply live as actual dogs on all-fours, given that you have the consciousness of farmyard creatures? Stop trying to normalise disgusting practices” to which the account's owner calmly responded “We have actually tried that, but it's not really my cup of tea..”

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Another outraged Twitter user complained: “How disgusting!!! I live in Chesham Bois.. if we catch you pervert’s [sic] you wont be laughing!!!”

Most people were laughing, however. Although we don't recommend scrolling down to the Society’s earlier tweets. Some of them are distinctly not safe for work.

Still, some of the Society’s own follow-up tweets – including a poll that asked whether readers were thinking of avoiding public sex until the outbreak was over – made it a bit clearer that the account was one long, detailed, and agreeably silly joke.

Which is a good thing. Given that the coronavirus could yet kill up to 1% of the people in the UK – 6,644,00 lives – we are going to need all the laughs we can get.

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