Phallic-shaped weather systems leave viewers in stitches

Not the weather front they were expecting! Hilarious snaps reveal forecasters standing in front of rather rude meteorological maps

  • Images collected from around the US show various phallic-shaped systems
  • Oblivious weather presenters stand in unfortunate positions around the storms
  • Storms shown in an unfortunately light as they form the entire male appendage 

Presenting the weather is usually a fairly serious business without much opportunity for comedy. 

But these hilarious snaps from around the US, which have been shared online, reveal some rather unfortunately shaped weather patterns.  

The funny pictures show various male weather presenters standing in an awkward position next to phallic-shaped storm graphics. 

Others unintentionally created funny moments by placing their hands directly on top of the maps.   

This weatherman, from WRAL Weather in Arkansas is explaining the direction of jet stream winds on a Friday evening when he stands directly in front of an interesting shape

Weatherwatch for Fox 13 was showcasing the past of tropical Storm John, off the coast of the US, when an unfortunate chart protruded from the weatherman’s nether region

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This ABC GMA weathermap shows a snow flurry expected to fall on the US. As they compare snowfall to the same time the year before their red circle forms an interesting shape

Another US weather map shows the risk of rainfall over the more central states. The outer edges of the graphic widen, becoming a phallic shape

This forecaster for ABC 7 demonstrated the weather map over Chicago when the system formed an elongated shape

This weather presenter finds himself in an uncomfortable position midway through delivering the latest forecast as a red line circling Philadelphia protrudes from his lower abdomen

As he delivers the weather surrounding Kansan City this weatherman stands slightly too close to one particular weather system for comfort

With a circle at the bottom of the screen and an elongated arc protruding from it, this weather system over Louisiana is bound to have left the presenter feeling hot under the collar 

KLST predicted afternoon t-storms with cooler air above. What the presenter is likely to have missed, however, is the unfortunate shape of the graphic behind him

It’s not clear what kind of weather is expected over Nashville in this weather map, but viewers were left in tears when they saw the shape of the arrow pointing towards the city

As the KLST storm made it’s way down the map it’s shape only got worse for the presenter who was delivering the weather that day

As forecasters predicted downpours over New York they could never have guessed the reaction their interesting-looking chart would garner

Weather around the Sunbury area of Pennsylvania took a dramatic turn for the phallic in this particular weather map 

This Danish weather channel could not have expected their map to produce an elongated curve that reminded viewers of the male appendage

This German weather system has formed the shape of a phallus as it predicts heavy rainfall over the region

Someone needs to advise this weatherman to move a little further to the right to get himself out of the way of the elongated red shape

This weather system over Indiana stretches from Missouri all the way across to Virginia to demonstrate where rain is most likely to fall 

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