People share photos of camouflaged cats – can YOU spot them?

Feline sneaky! Owners share photos of their cleverly camouflaged cats hiding in gardens, restaurants and bedrooms – so, how many can YOU spot?

  • New Twitter account, There is no cat in this image, posts photos of cats hidden in plain sight in everyday photographs of interiors and landscapes
  • Account has already amassed more than 216,000 followers in just six days 
  • Shots include a fair haired feline camouflaged amongst logs in a wood store 
  • Another picture shows a tiny pair of ears present in a cluttered kitchen 

A new Twitter account dedicated entirely to showing cats hiding in plain sight has seen its followers soar in less than a week since it was set up.  

Such is the apparent appetite for spotting covert felines, the Twitter account ‘There is no cat in this image’, which uses the handle @Thereisnocat_, amassed more than 216,000 followers just days after it was set up on December 29.

The account shares photos of cats in everyday settings that are very hard to spot; with a pair of ears, a tail or a cat-shaped mass under a blanket the only indicator that they’re in residence. 

It’s also fair to say, that some cats featured are much better at hiding than others. 

Here, FEMAIL has rounded up the best of the There is no cat in this image photos – so, can you spot the feline in them?  (Scroll down for the answers)

There’s something in the wood shed: A fair-haired feline is very hard to spot in this woodstore

This McDonalds drive-through has an unusual visitor in its midst…but the furball isn’t easy to spy 

Let the cat out of the bag? A cluttered dining room conceals the kitty hidden in it

Has this cat been filed away? Or is it doing a good impression of a bicycle stand? 

Given away by the ears! A neat pair of triangles pop up from bedding in this house

Two sprawling laws with a fence between them conceal a cat somewhere – can you find it?

Squint…for this isn’t an easy feline to spot…

A cat amongst the plants…but this little kitten isn’t easy to find

This cat hiding in a Christmas tree lets its tail do a (not very good) impression of a festive branch

There’s a kitty somewhere on this grey staircase – but can you spot it? 

Fooling absolutely no-one…this black and white kitten fails to disguise its portly frame

A shadow or a cat under cover? This bed does a good job of concealing this feline

Two white paws give the game away for this feline taking refuge under a bed 


Left; this ginger cat is hard to see. Right: They’re revealed to be snoozing atop one of the logs

A Filet-o-fish please! This cute kitty makes an appearance at the drive-thru window

This messy dining area means a black cat goes unnoticed…but take a closer look at the bags by the smaller table and there lies a green-eyed moggy

A tabby tail that looks like a bike stand…and the faintest shadow of a cat against the white curtain give the clue here

A pair of ears the same colour as the bedding in the shot might mean this moggy almost got away with it…but there’s no missing those ears upon closer inspection

At the very bottom of this photo on the left, the little white and grey tabby is looking right at the camera. Right: How the cat looks when you zoom in

There’s only a few places a cat could conceal itself here…and our moggy is holed up among the houseplants

Where would you hide on a hot summer’s day? Under a cooling large leaf of course

A bushy tail is doing this cat no favours when it comes to disguising itself under a festive tree

Hard to notice…until you magnify a little. This gorgeous grey cat pokes its head out onto the stairs

Not coloured or even shaped like a tree, the game is up for this black and white feline

At first glance it looks like a shadow…but underneath the sheet, a cat lies beneath

Paw-ful at hiding. A pair of white paws mean the game is up for this cat

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