New Sky customers can get Netflix and box sets for up to £144 a year less – The Sun

NEW Sky customers can now watch Netflix and box sets for up to £144 a year less as the telecoms giant has shaken-up its TV packages.

Its new Sky Ultimate TV package will now include its usual 300-plus channels, as well as Netflix and box sets as standard.

This costs £25 for the first 18 months followed by £29 a month after.

Previously, to get the same service you had to purchase Sky's basic TV package – Sky Entertainment – for £22 a month.

You also needed to add Sky Ultimate On Demand on top, which cost £12 a month and included Netflix and box sets, taking the total price to £34 a month.

So in comparison, the new deal is £12 a month cheaper, or £144 a year less, over the first year and a half, moving to £5 a month, or £60 a year less, afterwards.

How to cut TV costs

IF you're paying over the odds for a TV package there are ways to cut costs.

  1. Is your package worth it? First check if your TV package is worth it – are you using all of the paid-for channels? If not, you may be better with a different provider. Use a comparison service such as BroadbandChoices or uSwitch to compare what the likes of BT, Sky, and Virgin Media are offering.
  2. Haggle prices down if you can't switch or don't want to. If you're within your contract or you don't want to switch, try to haggle down your price or ask for something extra to be thrown in for the same price. You can use a comparison service to compare prices and give you an idea of what you can get elsewhere.
  3. Consider Freeview – it's free. If you want to completely cut the cost of TV, ditch your package for freeview. It has 70+ channels and comes free with most modern TVs. Plus, you can watch programmes on catch-up services including ITV Hub, All 4, and My5 for free. Just remember you need a TV licence to watch iPlayer or live services on any streaming platform.
  4. Use streaming services. If you don't tend to watch live TV, consider streaming services instead. There's the likes of Amazon Prime, Netflix, NowTV, and Disney+ to choose from in the UK. Check out our round-up of services.

You pay this all under one bill directly to Sky.

It's worth pointing out though, that this is the price for Netflix's basic package where you can watch the streaming service on just the one screen at the same time.

For two screens and full HD under Netflix's standard package you'll have to pay Sky £6 a month extra, while it's £10 a month extra for four screens and ultra HD under Netflix's premium service.

This brings your total monthly cost to £31 for standard Netflix via Sky (£35 after 18 months), and to £35 (£39 after 18 months) for premium Netflix.

In comparison, get Netflix direct and it costs a cheaper £5.99 a month for basic, £8.99 a month for standard, and £11.99 a month for premium.

Here, you aren't getting Sky's TV channels or box sets, but if you specifically want box sets, you could pay £8.99 a month on top for Now TV's entertainment pass.

This gives you access to 300 box sets shown on Sky, which Now TV is part of.

So a Now TV pass plus a basic Netflix subscription paid direct, would cost £14.98 a month – saving you £10.02 a month compared to going via Sky.

But there is bad news for those who just want a basic Sky TV package.

That's because it's scrapping its basic £22 Entertainment bundle in favour of its new £25 a month Sky Ultimate TV package, meaning you'll pay £3 a month more – or £7 a month extra after the first 18 months.

Sky Ultimate on Demand as a separate package has also be axed.

The telecoms provider says existing customers are unaffected, but those who want to move onto the new package should speak to its customer services team.

We've asked if you'll be able to switch without paying an early exit fee if you're currently in contract and we'll update this story as soon as we hear back.

The Sun has also asked Sky if all of its channels and box sets will remain the same under the new package, and whether different Netflix subscriptions were available under its old Ultimate on Demand package.

It comes as earlier this week Sky revealed that customers will be able to watch Disney+ via its service for £6 a month.

But Sky has come under fire for revealing plans in February to hike prices by up to £72 a year for millions of broadband and TV customers.

Last year, Sky upped prices by up to £42 a year, while in 2018 it increased costs by £30 a year.

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