‘My husband got fired from job after they found out I was X-rated star’

A woman's husband was fired from his job after his bosses found out she worked as a porn star.

Channon Rose, 36, had a difficult childhood as a result of her parents divorce and her dad's new marriage.

Her dad remarried a woman who Channon claims began to physically and emotionally abuse her.

She suffered from mental health issues which is when she found herself involved in prostitution while still a minor.

When she turned 18, Channon, from Los Angeles, US, started working as a stripper before moving into porn.

The ex-porn star worked in the adult industry for at least a decade, although she wasn't fulfilled with her career.

She wanted to begin a family, so she started a dating profile where she met her now-husband Travis Dean, 44.

After Travis' parents found out about her past, they disapproved and even terminated his job at the family business.

The pair decided to try and make a living from posting vlogs on YouTube.

As the couple tried to grow their family, they documented their fertility struggles, and eventually scored over 1million subscribers.

Years of struggling with fertility and experiencing miscarriages, Channon and Travis welcomed two children, Snow and Storm.

Thrilled to finally have a family, the mum began to follow her other dream – travelling.

With an eager following on social media, the couple saved up to buy an RV and took Snow, three, and Storm, who was born this year, to travel with them.

Their trip was documented on Instagram and YouTube, and with two young children as you can imagine it wasn't the easiest thing.

Now Channon has spoken out after receiving criticism – both for her career in porn and parenting decisions.

She said: "My dad cheated on my mum with my mum's best friend – and then married her.

"It was the worst thing that could have happened to me. My step-mum physically and emotionally abused me for years."

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She added: "This led me in and out of psychiatric hospitals, and I went down the wrong path in life.

"I ended up becoming a child prostitute, and then a stripper when I turned 18. A few months after that, I did porn.

"After nearly a decade into this unconventional career, I realised that I really didn't want this life anymore.

"I ended up going on a dating website, where I met my now-husband, Travis.

"Travis was fired from his family job when he refused to leave me after they found out I used to do porn."

After starting a family, Channon and Travis decided to follow another of their dreams and began to experiment with the van lifestyle.

She added: "When we're travelling from one place to the next, we drive about two to three hours at a time.

"That way we don't have to go too far, as the kids are in car seats. We like to stay in RV resorts if we can, because they're the safest.

"We have boondocked, which isn't as safe, but is very beautiful and secluded.

"It's hard travelling for long periods of time with two young children in car seats. I'm constantly changing diapers or feeding them."

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But despite the trolls online, Channon doesn't let it impact her happiness.

She concluded: "I let them know that our experience is different and we make sure our kids are in an environment they are thriving in.

"If at any point, our kids hated this, then we would go home – but right now they are loving this life, and so are we.

"Life on the road is amazing. It has made me realise that the world is a beautiful place.

"I feel so much gratitude for every comment, whether negative or positive, because they allow me to live my dream life."

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