My daughter won’t split from her boyfriend and I think she’s scared of him – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY daughter seems unable to make the break from her horrible boyfriend.

They are both 18, in sixth form at the same school and have been dating for a year. She is a lovely girl but has changed lately.

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He controls everything she does.

He even goes through her phone to see who she’s been talking to during the day.

He made her delete other boys from her phone and some of her female friends too.

They argue and she ends up crying because he blames her for everything.

He stays here at weekends because he says his mum and dad are always rowing, so I overhear a lot of it.

I have told her this is a damaging relationship and she needs to end it with him and get on with her life.

But I think she is scared of him.

DEIDRE SAYS: I do understand how tricky it feels to intervene in her relationship.

Technically, they are both adults.

But while they are in your home they should abide by your rules.

If you overhear him bullying her, intervene.

Walk into the room and say bullying is completely out of order and either he stops or he leaves.
Model for her the way you want her to act.

Urge her to check out LoveRespect, a guide to healthy behaviour in intimate relationships for young people, run by Women’s Aid (

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