Mum transforms empty cupboard under the stairs into a handy pantry for £50

If you’re readying yourself for days indoors amid the coronavirus pandemic, you’ve likely found yourself with a load of longlasting foods like canned veg and dried pasta.

Where are you supposed to store it all?

One mum has shared how she carved out some extra storage space in her home, through a DIY project that cost her just £50.

Kelly Sharp, 34, a cleaner and mum-of-two from Slough, turned the small cupboard under her stairs into a useful pantry area.

Kelly told ‘Myself and my husband moved in November and what with having two boys, one aged six and one aged 15, and with Christmas around the corner, we only had a very small budget.

‘The kitchen had very minimal storage, so I thought I would turn my under stair cupboard into a pantry.

‘I began to look for images to get a little inspiration from Pinterest and and Google.’

The project took Kelly a week to complete in her non-working hours and cost her just £50.

She bought four white boards from B&Q to make shelves, sanded the staircase, and added a splash of paint to make the space feel fresh.

‘Overall, the cost was £50,’ Kelly says. ‘I bought four white chipboards from B&Q costing around £40 and some right-angle brackets costing £1 each.

‘I also used the remainder of the paint from the kitchen as I wanted the two rooms to be blended together.

‘I started by rubbing down the staircase with sandpaper and then cut the shelving to the correct size.

‘Then, I painted the staircase in white to make it fresh and airy, then painted the walls with Dulux blush pink, placed the brackets and attached them to the wall and screwed the shelves in place.’

The mum is pretty pleased with the end result and has loads more storage space for kitchen essentials.

‘I am very happy at the result and quite proud if I’m honest,’ says Kelly.

‘It makes family life that little bit easier knowing that everything is in one place, and has freed up storage in the kitchen, and lets the kids help themselves when they need something.’

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