Mum sparks fury after wanting to take dog on no-pets holiday – as she would leave it in the CAR

A MUM sparked fury after saying she wanted to take her dog to a no-pets holiday rental – but would leave the animal in the car.

She asked on Mumsnet if she was out of order – and most people said she was.

She asked: "We've had a spontaneous look for a short break next week and found a perfect 3 night cottage except it's not dog friendly.

"The dog wouldn't sleep in the property anyway, he only settles in the car and is very happy in there.

"The property has designated parking that is slightly off from the property, so he'd never be actually in the garden or house. We'll be out of the property most of time anyway exploring and finding dog friendly pubs.

"I'm considering emailing before booking to ask permission but concerned that the word 'dog' may create a reaction without the true scenario being realised, and we lose the property.

"AIBU to take him anyway and chance it?"

Most people said it was not fair on the dog.

One person wrote: "Poor dog. That’s cruel. It will be freezing in the car all night alone in the dark.

Another person agreed: "Wow. I'm stunned anyone would treat their dog like this, that's appalling. If I saw your dog locked in the car, I'd call the RSPCA."

Someone else added: "Are you seriously considering leaving your dog all night in a car?! He’ll be f****** freezing, and probably anxious as shit, and people will probably see him and report it."

Others said it also risked them taking dog hair into the house, even if the dog didn't go in.

One person said: "So self-entitled. I book pet-free accommodation because my daughter has a severe allergy.

"The dog hair on your clothes that you transfer to the sofa would make her react. Don't be selfish."

Someone else had a different perspective: "We have a holiday let at the bottom of our garden and specify no dogs because we have dogs – one of whom is a bit reactive to other dogs and would spend all night reminding us that we had canine intruders."

Others were on her side, commenting: "I once knew a family who always took their much loved dog on holiday with them and left her in the car at night. There was never a problem."

The mum since said she realised she was being unreasonable, and wouldn't stay in the end and look for pet-friendly accommodation instead.

She wrote: "I think the consensus is I'm being unreasonable.

"I'll keep looking, and tell him he's got to sleep soundly in the next pet friendly property, and not get up as previously and wander all night and disturb us all."

Another mum said she was charged a £200 "damage fee" when she checked out of her holiday let, after being told she hadn't vacuumed enough.

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