Mrs Hinch shows off incredible £5 makeup brush cleaning hack which removes dirt fast

Ever the cleaning pro, Mrs Hinch has shown off a quick and easy way to clean makeup brushes and all you’ll need is a ‘Scrub Daddy’ sponge.

Let’s face it, cleaning makeup brushes isn’t the funnest task on the list but it’s a pretty essential to-do as after a few days of foundation and concealer application, the product can get stuck in the bristles.

But the fear of getting grime off your brushes just became a little easier, as a result of Mrs Hinch’s super speedy hack.

What will you need? Well, you’ll need a ‘Scrub Daddy’, which Mrs Hinch fans will know is one of her favourite products, as well as some baby shampoo.

Sharing the hack with her 3.1 million Instagram followers, the mum-of-one wrote: “Little throwback to when I used my @scrubdaddyuk with baby shampoo to clean my make up brushes! Honestly the best little hack ever.”

She continued: “So for anyone needing to hinch their makeup brushes! I seriously recommend using your scrub daddy.”

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In the clips, Mrs Hinch can be seen applying a few drops of Child’s Farm baby shampoo to her brushes and and then washing all of her makeup brushes by simply grazing them across the sponge until the water runs clear for them.

Once your brushes are dry, you leave them on a flat surface as this prevents water dripping down and holds the bristles in place.

The nifty hack is cost-effective too, with the Scrub Daddy sponge available at the The Range for £2.24, and the Child’s Farm un-fragranced baby shampoo available for £3 from Holland & Barrett.

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Cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch also shared a photo of one of her fans gushing over the hack, writing: “Since I saw you do this a while ago it’s now how I clean my brushes and I actually enjoy seeing this makeup come off.”

And if you’re a sucker for a beauty hack then Mrs Hinch has got more than just this up her sleeve.

Recently, the mum-of-one was looking for a way to successfully get the make-up out of her Beauty Blender sponges and asked her followers for advice.

It seemed many came to her rescue as she revealed the most popular way she was advised to clean them was by popping them inside a sock sealed off with a hair bobble and placing them in the washing machine.

Mrs Hinch, aka Sophie Hinchliffe, was on a mission to clean out her make-up drawer and earlier in the day had organised her brushes into small white baskets that she had bought from Poundstretcher.

She shared a snap of her dirty brushes and promised herself she would clean them as well as her sponges.

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Putting on a load of washing, Mrs Hinch posted a picture of her placing the sock package inside too.

She explained in a caption: "One of the most popular answers guys was: Pop the beauty blenders into an old sock, tie with a hairband and chuck into the washing machine! So I'm gonna give it a go!"

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After her washing was done Mrs Hinch was excited to see if the cleaning hack had worked and filmed herself unveiling the results with one hand.

"The wash load has finished guys! Never been so excited to get some ball out in my life!" she joked.

It was a success for Mrs Hinch as she pulled out four perfectly clean sponges and told her followers: "I'm impressed! Thanks guys."

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