Mother pens a very honest advert for a £20 Moses basket

‘A fantastic sleeping space for your baby to refuse to sleep in’: Parents are left in hysterics over mother’s VERY honest advert for £20 Moses basket that’s ‘decorative enough to distract visitors from puke-stained clothes’

  • Lucy Winter, who lives in the UK, advertised a Moses basket on Facebook for £20
  • Mother racked up over 500 likes for her amusing description of the item
  • Claimed her baby ‘refuses to sleep in’ the basket and was too big for it from birth 

A mother who advertised her baby’s barely-used Moses basket online with a hilarious rant about sleepless nights, being covered in baby sick and exploding nappies, has struck a chord with fellow exhausted parents.  

Lucy Winter, from South Gloucestershire, took to Facebook’s Items For Sale In Kingswood And Staple Hill And Nearby group to list her son’s Moses basket for £20. 

She shared a selection of photos showing the basket from different angles, while joking that it’s ‘almost brand new’ because of the lack of time her baby has spent in it.

The honest post struck a chord with other parents who’ve struggled to get their babies to sleep in a Moses basket, or indeed anywhere.

Lucy Winter, who lives in the UK, has gone viral on Facebook after penning an amusing description for her son’s Moses basket (pictured)

In her viral post, Lucy joked that her son was ‘too huge’ for the Moses basket from birth and ‘needed a king size bed to himself’

Lucy urged parents to purchase from her, saying: ‘Here we have a fantastic sleeping space for your baby to refuse to sleep in.

‘With its convenient handles, once you have rocked the s*** out of your gorgeous little bundle of joy and finally lay them to rest on the comfy mattress (also included) you can carry the bassinet around the house wherever you go because they will probably wake up in around  three minutes anyway.

‘This lovely Moses basket is almost brand new as you can see from its pristine condition, as my gorgeous angel was clearly too huge for a Moses basket from birth and instead needed a king size bed to himself.

‘I have thrown in some extra sheets for those mid night exploding nappies, that we all know and love.

‘It comes with a 100 per cent wood, woody stand thing, with plastic bits on to stop the basket falling off the woody stand thing when your child is practicing their ‘look how fast I can flap my arms and legs’ skills at 2am, 3am, 4am and then until it’s time to get up.

‘It also comes with a cute little blanket which is completely pointless as it’s about the size of a small sock and covers nothing on a baby who doesn’t ever seem to stop moving, even whilst asleep. Could be used as a napkin.

Lucy said she’s including extra sheets along with the Moses basket (pictured) to help with ‘midnight exploding nappies’ 

Lucy joked that the Moses basket is from a smoke free house but she’s thinking about starting and that the dog left after having enough 

‘The basket has a little canopy, which you can put up to keep absolutely no sun out as it’s white and has small decorative holes in, but it does look lovely for when you have visitors and want to distract them from your puke stained clothes and the fact you haven’t washed your hair since you were pregnant!

‘From a smoke free home – although I’m thinking about starting. Also from a pet free home- the dog left, he had enough! Don’t miss this chance to grab a bargain. No offers! God speed!’ 

Lucy’s post racked up over 500 shares and hundreds of comments as parents gushed that her description of using a Moses basket with a newborn is ‘true’.

Alongside a series of laughing emojis, one person wrote: ‘Oh my love my babies are long gone but if you don’t get a buyer I might just have it for the laugh you have given me’

Another said: ‘Brilliant ad and reality check! I hope you sell it’

‘This is hilarious and so true,’ a third added.

Another wrote: ‘So funny, made me chuckle. Have forwarded to my pregnant daughter. Not sure if she will buy but she will definitely love reading like I did. Thanks for the laugh and good luck with your little angel’

A flood of responses to the post came from parents left in hysterics by her relatable description of using a Moses basket 

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