Most popular royal in America named and it’s not Princess Kate or Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are the only royals who live in America, but who is the most popular member of the British Royal Family across the pond?

Following King Charles III’s Coronation, Bonus Finder surveyed Americans to discover their favourite royal.

The research named the Duke of Sussex the most popular royal, with 33.8 percent of votes.

To add to this, 36 individual states chose him as their favourite, he is also the most popular across genders and all age demographics.

The second most popular royal is Kate, Princess of Wales with 29.6 percent of votes.

Prince William is third with 22 percent of votes, whilst the Duchess of Sussex is fourth with 18.6 percent of votes.

The new King takes fifth place but isn’t any state’s favourite royal despite his recent coronation.

Queen Camilla, on the other hand, is the seventh most popular royal in America.

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Most popular royal in America 

1. Prince Harry – 33.8 percent
2. Kate, Princess of Wales – 29.6 percent
3. Prince William – 22 percent
4. Meghan Markle – 18.6 percent
5. King Charles III – 10.8 percent
6. Princess Anne – 5.7 percent
7. Queen Camilla – 4.4 percent
8. Princess Beatrice – 3.9 percent
9. Princess Eugenie – 2.7 percent
10. Prince Edward – 1.4 percent

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