Michael B. Jordan Is the Star of Amazon Alexa's Super Bowl Ad

Amazon has dropped its Super Bowl LV ad for its smart assistant Alexa, starring the widely adored Black Panther actor Michael B. Jordan.

The ad reimagines Alexa personified as the very handsome Jordan, set in the daydreams of a woman who appears to fall for the AI assistant. At one point in the commercial, titled Alexa’s Body, the female protagonist asks Alexa, humanized in the body of Jordan, to dim the lights. In response, Jordan takes off his shirt which leads to the woman’s partner humorously rushing over demanding Alexa/Jordan turn the lights back up or in this case, put his shirt back on.

The Amazon Alexa ad provides an amusing twist to the usual advertising tactic of using attractive women to sell a product. The credibility of the commercial brings a refreshing concept to the Super Bowl ad repertoire, all made much better through the glowing blue eyes of Jordan. Some may even be able to draw the parallel between the luminescent eyes to the LED rings seen on Amazon Echo devices.

With this particular commercial, it appears that Amazon is revisiting its 2018 Super Bowl ad concept where celebrities including Cardi B, Gordan Ramsay, Rebel Wilson and Anthony Hopkins also had a chance at impersonating Alexa when the assistant “lost” its voice.

Check out the minute-long version of the ad up top and the full 90-second version in the Tweet below. Disclaimer, Alexa’s voice will not be replaced by Michael B. Jordan’s voice, but users can imagine it in the context of the ad.

In other Amazon news, Jeff Bezos steps down from Amazon CEO role.
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