Married couple to wed again after husband comes out as transgender on honeymoon

A couple are set to tie the knot a second time after the groom came out as transgender.

Rayna, 33, and Jae Harvey, 30, who live near Somerset, tied the knot in 2018, while Rayna was called Jake.

But during their honeymoon in Center Parcs in Wiltshire, graphic designer Rayna came out as transgender.

The bride-to-be "suppressed" her feelings about becoming a female since she was 11, so felt "relieved" when she told Jae.

She spent £45,000 on an orchiectomy, where the testicles are removed, as well as breast augmentation and facial surgery.

Jae said she's "really proud" of her partner and they're now planning their "re-wedding" in the Quantocks next September.

The ceremony is so that Rayna can have the big day she's always dreamed of where she can be the "real her".

Jae said: "We're planning a 're-wedding' because her family wasn't able to make it out to Texas and now that she's transitioned it's another huge reason for us to do it again.

"There's a bit of a disconnect when we think back to our first wedding as I feel 'well Ray wasn't there?' and I want her in my wedding.

"What I want more than anything is for her family to see her walk down the aisle and for her to have her day. I got to have mine with all my bells and whistles, so now it's her turn.

"We're both going to be wearing beautiful black dresses for an all black and white theme with white, pink and red roses symbolising, at least for me, the death of old Ray and the re-birth of new Ray."

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After meeting online on MySpace back in 2007, they reconnected on MSN in 2010 and a few months later Rayna flew to Texas for a fortnight so they could meet for the first time.

The pair lost touch for several years but in October 2017 their love was rekindled when Jae flew out to the UK for the first time.

Rayna got down on one knee in Bristol airport before she boarded her flight home, and they eventually tied the knot in 2018 in Texas with an intimate wedding of 30 guests.

Two months later while on their honeymoon, Rayna expressed her true identity to her wife.

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It was also the first time she donned a dress and said it was a real "light-bulb moment" when make-up artist Jae glammed her up.

Rayna added: "It was liberating. Something I'd been storing away for so long and when it actually happened it was more of a relief – the overpowering feeling was 'thank God for that'.

"It must have been a bit of a shock for her in the first instance but she's turned everything on its head to make me feel comfortable. I'm like the same person but in a different body really."

After coming out on Facebook, Rayna said she's received "absolutely incredible support" from everyone.

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She continued: "It's absolutely been worth every penny and I don't regret any of the money I've spent for a single second – I don't think you can put a price on happiness and wellbeing.

"A lot more opportunities have been afforded to me because of my self-confidence and esteem – I'm a lot happier facing people and talking to strangers because I know they're seeing what I want them to see now.

"I absolutely would not have gotten to where I am today without Jae – she's been instrumental in my transition.

"Aside from accepting me and giving me a safe space to explore my feelings – she's taught me so much about looking the way I want to look."

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