Man shares ‘correct way’ to fit toilet freshener without showing plastic hook

A man has divided internet after sharing a "mind-blowing" hack to hang a toilet cleaner to the rim without having the hook on the show.

Fabian Coghetto, from Australia, is one of the many TikTok users who recently tried the cleaning hack and realised he has been doing it wrong.

Like many of us, he used to put the colourful toilet freshener on the rim with the plastic hook showing under the toilet seat.

But Fabian demonstrates the alternative method after admitting: "Took me 27 years to figure this out!"

The man removes the rim blocks and flips it around, wedging the plastic hook inside the rim of the toilet where it locks into place.

The blocks then sit nicely along the edge of the basin.

Fabian even tests it by flushing the toilet – and the rim blocks remain perfectly intact.

The hack was shared to a Mrs Hinch Facebook group where viewers agreed that it's a definite "game changer".

Many said they never knew about the hack, with one saying: "I always wondered why they never seemed the fit the toilet properly!"

A mum wrote: "This makes more sense! Mine flings round the loo every time I try and put the stuff round."

Another added: "I just tried it this morning and yes it works!"

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  • But some referred to a cleaning company website and said they recommended users to hang the fresheners "on the rim of the toilet".

    It appears that the hack won't work on all shapes of toilets.

    "Just tried this because I saw this post– it didn’t fit," a Hinch fan wrote.

    A second commented: "It falls down like this.

    "I woke up this morning with it in the bottom of my toilet."

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