"Mama" Comes First On Dough-Boy and Lil Yachty's International Collab

Taking his talents to Hong Kong, Lil Yachty has teamed up with local rap artist Dough-Boy to celebrate their proud mamas.

Produced by Dough-Boy himself, “Mama” is a pop-tinged cut defined by an upbeat piano riff accented by a booming backtrack. The Hong Kong talent leads the new track with his auto-tuned melodies and reflective lyrics introducing Lil Boat on the playful team-up.

Saluting his supportive mother, Yachty notes, My mom is one of my biggest heroes and inspirations in my life.” Going on to say  he proudly declares.” Not many mothers are open-minded enough to accept that their son is a rapper and artist, but she has been supportive since day one. I’ve made it so far in my career and life because of her.”

The accompanying music video sees kid versions of the rappers coming together to cheat in a Pokémon card game and sell candy at daycare. Despite all their mischievous behavior, the duo are comforted by the fact that their moms will be there for them in troubling times.

Stream Dough-Boy’s “Mama” featuring Lil Yachty on Spotify below.

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