Makeup artist without limbs goes viral with a video of his glam look

Makeup artist with no limbs stuns TikTok followers by showing how he applies a full face of cosmetics including false eyelashes

  • Gabe Adams-Wheatley, from Utah, born with Hanhart syndrome, has no limbs 
  • But this did not stop him from finding love and becoming a viral makeup artist
  • A video of Gabe doing his makeup without hands has been watched 4m times 

A makeup artist with no limbs has gone viral on social media with a video showing him applying a full glam look without hands. 

Gabe Adams-Wheatley, from Utah, was born in Brazil with Hanhart syndrome, a genetic condition which affects limb development, and adopted by an American family. 

Now a married man living in Salt Lake City, Gabe is a makeup artist who has two  million followers on TikTok and more than 101,000 Instagram fans. 

His latest video, which sees the makeup artist applying a full glam look, with glued- on lashes, contouring and glossy lip, has been watched more than 4 million times on TikTok. 

Gabe Adams-Wheatley, from Utah, was born in Brazil with Hanhart syndrome, a genetic condition which affects the development a person’s limbs, and adopted by an American family

Gabe, pictured, uses a brush he holds between his jaw and shoulder, left, in order to apply his makeup, which includes lashes and gloss, right 

For the clip, Gabe held a brush between his neck and his shoulders to wave at the camera. 

He then showed how he sticks the brush, his makeup sponge and other beauty tools to his table and moves his head around them to apply the cosmetics. 

In spite of the difficulty of applying the makeup without hands, Gabe did not cut corners, and applied concealer as well as foundation before moving on to contouring.

To get the desired effect, he wedged the stick against the table using his shoulder and swiped his cheek along the top. 

He then switched brushes to do a smoky eye and added cream-colored eyeliner on his waterline. 

Gabe doesn’t cut corner and even applies contour as part of his glam look, pictured left. At the end he dabs blush on his cheeks, right 

Throughout the video, Gabe switches brushes in order to apply eyeshadow, pictured, foundation and powder

The makeup artist went on showcasing his incredible skills by applying a pair of fake eyelashes. 

While some might find the task tricky, Gabe has found an ingenious way to apply the beauty accessories. 

After putting the lashes on top of a bottle of product on the table, Gabe slowly drew drawing his face close to the lash so that it had time to latch on to his natural lashes. 

He then added a dab of blush on each cheek, before applying a coat of gloss on his lip to finish the look. 

Dressed in a lacey top, Gabe shows off the result of his tutorial at the end of the video on Tiktok, pictured 

The makeup artist, pictured, was born with Hanhart syndrome, a genetic condition which affects the development a person’s limbs

Hanhart Syndrome: The genetic condition that affects few than 1 in 20,000 children 

Hanhart Syndrome is a rare genetic condition, the cause of which is unknown.

It affects the development of limbs and can be characterized by a short, under-developpe tongue, absent of partially missing fingers or malformed limbs.

The development of the limbs and tongue varies depending on people.

The condition was first observed in 1932 and in 1950, Dr Hanhart gave his name to the condition after he described three children with missing tongues, missing limbs

Children born with the condition can also have small and deeply receding jaws.

The condition is extremely rar, and affects fewer tha 1 in 20,000 children. Only approximately 30 Hanhart Syndrome cases were reported in medical literature between 1932 and 1991.

Source: Rare Diseases. 


The video has blown people’s minds after it was watched more than 4 million times on TikTok, especially the way Gabe deals with eyebrows. 

 ‘The lash part woaw,’ one fan said. 

 ‘The lash application!!!! A king,’ said one. 

‘You amaze me everyday,’ one fan wrote.   

‘Okay cause you are talented,’ one said.

‘Me, with two hands and still can’t put eye shadow correctly,’ another joked.  

Enjoying his new popularity on social media, Gabe uses his platform to promote an anti-bullying message. 

In a video posted during Suicide Prevention Month, he admitted he had tried to take his own life after being bullied for his looks and told he wasn’t enough. 

In February, he told LGBTQ+ publication Queerty that his adopting parents and 12 siblings have always supported him and taught him to be strong. 

‘I would come home in tears because people would make fun of me for the fact I have no arms or legs,’ he said. 

‘One day my mum was like, “I need you to look in the mirror and name ten things you like about yourself. Then I want you to go to school and pick ten people and say one nice thing about them.”

‘Just doing that generated this positivity in my life that made me strive to do better and be happy for myself so I could give my best to everybody else.’ 

Fans were blown away by Gabe’s makeup skills, especially the way he applies his fake lashes, and called him a ‘king’

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