Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa and Han Solo Join 'Fortnite'

While hit battle royale game Fortnite has connected with a laundry list of franchises over the years, its partnership with Star Wars has stood out with its various collections and events. Characters such as Darth Vader and Rey have joined the fight since the two came together, however, only now have fan-favorites Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa and Han Solo finally made their appearance in-game.

All three iconic characters arrive with three outfit styles each and complementary accessories. For Luke, he can take on his original farm boy outfit or opt for two Return of the Jedi-themed looks. Adding to this, a training remote back bling, X-34 Landspeeder glider and Slugthrower Rifle pickaxe are included in his bundle. With Leia, her Princess outfit is joined by her Boushh disguise, both masked and unmasked. An R2-D2 back bling and Electrostaff pickaxe pair with her as well. Rounding things out, classic Han Solo looks from the Original Trilogy are supported by a Millennium Falcon back bling and Vibro-staff pickaxe.

Fans of Star Wars and Fortnite can purchase the outfits and items from the Original Trilogy Set in the in-game shop now while Skywalker Week runs until November 8.

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