Lidl launches own Christmas jumpers – but people brand it as hideous

Christmas jumper season is upon us.

The festive-themed knitwear is knowingly fashionably questionable.

Often, jumpers come in bright and obnoxious patterns.

The fancier jumpers even don a set of flashing lights, bound to spread the Christmas spirit far and near.

So this year, supermarket chain Lidl has jumped on the Christmas jumper bandwagon and produced a rather questionable version of its own.

The £7.99 knitwear features a yellow and blue striped pattern along with the Lidl logo repeatedly scrawled across the whole jumper.

Nothing screams Christmas like a bargain supermarket jumper, right!

But one shopper has now deemed it as the most “hideous” Christmas jumper on earth.


Taking to Reddit to share their discovery of the Lidl branded jumper, the shopper asked: “Has Lidl gone too far?

“I’ve officially found the most hideous Christmas jumper on the face of this planet. £7.99?

“You’d have to pay me £7.99 to wear it!”

Despite some people also branding the jumper as “hideous”, many people have seen that this is a good thing.

And so, they cannot wait to get their hands on Lidl’s finest threads themselves.

One person commented: “So bad it’s good. Never been to a Lidl, but I’m going today to buy one of these to wear down the pub later. Cheers.”

Another user added: “Isn't the point of Christmas Jumpers that they're supposed to be hideous?”

While a third person expressed: “My goal every year is to have the most hideous Christmas jumper I can find. I would definitely wear this!”

Someone else voiced: “That is so gloriously disgusting and I need it RIGHT NOW.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user remarked: “You just found the best disgusting jumper of all time.”

Let us know in the comments what you think of the Lidl Christmas jumper!

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