Kathy Hilton Says She Didn't Watch RHOBH After Being 'So Hurt' By Season 1 Fight

The reality star also said “there’s a lot of stuff people don’t know” about her daughter Paris going “missing” while she rose to fame.

Kathy Hilton revealed why she stopped watching “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” after the first season.

On the latest episode of SiriusXM’s podcast “Lunch with Bruce,” Bravo’s newest reality star said she had to turn off the show after it hit a little too close to home with the infamous limo fight between her sisters, Kyle and Kim Richards.

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“I’ll be honest with you,” she began. “I didn’t watch it because I was so hurt at what happened that first season and I didn’t speak to my sister for a long time … Kyle.”

During the 2010 incident, Kyle and Kim got in a very heated argument where Kyle exclaimed, “Mom had to die worrying about you and stressing about you and leave this sh– on my shoulders.” Kim then claimed Kyle “stole” her house, before Kyle shot back accusing Kim of being an alcoholic.

“Paris and I watched that. We broke down,” Kathy explained. “You know when you cry and you’re shaking and your lip starts to quiver and ‘my mommy’s not there and there’s no one’ — it’s like, I felt helpless and alone. Paris was crying too.”

Kathy and Kyle would go on to have a years-long feud, which was exacerbated by Kyle’s TV show “American Woman,” which was inspired by their mother raising them as a single working woman. Kathy thought it painted their mother in a bad light — but Kyle always defended it as a tribute to their mother.

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Obviously the sisters have made up, with Kathy joining the latest season of “RHOBH,” where the pair discussed their rocky relationship on a recent episode.

And speaking of Paris — Kathy revealed she shed her own fair share of tears during Paris’ early days of rising to fame too.

“I was actually worried about Paris for a good while,” Kathy admitted. “She was sneaking out and she’d go missing and I wouldn’t be able to find her. And it got — let’s put it this way — it got very out of control and I was scared for her. And my husband was very scared for her. And you know, those nightclubs go on all night.”

Kathy went on to say she couldn’t sleep for two days once because she didn’t know Paris’ whereabouts. It got so bad, she said she would call up the city desk at The New York Post to ask if they knew where Paris was, since the paparazzi was constantly hounding the young hotel heiress.

“There’s a lot of stuff people don’t know,” she added. “I mean, this is the way I lived.”

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