Joe Sugg tells Dianne Buswell ‘get out’ after ‘nightmare’ error during isolation

Youtuber and Strictly Come Dancing star Joe Sugg has told his girlfriend Diane Buswell, a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing, to ‘get out’ over her ‘nightmare’ error during a music challenge.

The 30 year old Strictly finalist created the game to pass the time during the couple’s required isolation over the festive period.

The couple were enjoying a night in together after they discovered they had to isolate due to a positive Covid-19 test.

They decided to play the music quiz game to pass the time but as Dianne blundered on a famous song by an iconic pop princess she left boyfriend Joe in disbelief at her mishap.

After Dianne fumbled on Born To Make You Happy by Britney Spears, Joe teased his girlfriend of three years after she admitted she couldn’t identify the song that was playing on MTV’s Class of 2008 show.

The aim of the game was to name the artist and the song without looking at the television.

The couple didn’t give each other any clues and the game seemed to be going well until Britney’s song began to play.

Joe shared the programme with his 5.7 million Instagram followers in the video in which he taunted Dianne for her slip up.

He captioned the video “She’s had a nightmare!” and began by saying: “Now I understand why (as a kid) the adults would always have ‘old music’ playing on the TV or on the radio.”

After admitting this, he suggested the game to Dianne: “Right, we’re going to play a game.

Whatever the next song is, you’ve got to stand in front of the screen, you can’t look at what it is. You’ve just got to sing along karaoke-style and take it in turns, keen?”

Dianne enthusiastically replied that she was willing to participate and they began to play. Joe was beaten by Dianne in the final round when he couldn’t identify a Celine Dion record.

“Defeated in the last round! Final score Dianne 4-3 Joe,” Joe told the camera, before noting Dianne’s victory. She wanted to perform a track in celebration, but to her dismay a song came on that she didn’t recognise.

The professional dancer admitted that she wasn’t familiar with Britney’s classic number, to which Joe said: “You’ll know this song.”

He eagerly awaited for her lightbulb moment, which never appeared: “I don’t know this one of Britney, this is the only Britney one I don’t know!”

Joe encouraged Dianne but she still didn’t manage to sing along before Joe exploded: “Really?! I was born to make you happy!” Joe sang.

After seeing her reaction, Joe sarcastically told her: “You don’t know it? Get out! Oh, you can’t!” referencing their current isolated state.

Dianne defended herself with: “Britney was my first album as well, but this must not have been on her first album.”

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