Jersey Shore Recap: JWoww Tells Dr. Drew She Has 'Pure Fear' of Angelina Situation

“I’m coming in scared,” she tells Pinsky as he tries to mediate.

Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Angelina Pivarnick finally sat down at the same dinner table for the first time in 10 months on Thursday’s “Jersey Shore Family Vacation”– and it was, to quote Pauly D, “Awkward!”

Instead of flipping tables or brandishing wine bottles, however, the two simply avoided speaking or even making eye contact with each other for not one, but two separate meals. The conversations between everyone at the first dinner were forced, the mood uncomfortable and, as Pauly put it, it felt “like a funeral.”

As Ronnie and Pauly commiserated over the dinner in their room after, Ron got a bright idea. He realized had Dr. Drew Pinsky’s number in his phone and called him up to see whether he could help them all out. They liked the idea of a “third party” who has no vested interest in the situation giving them a fresh perspective. He was down.

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As they waited for him to arrive, there was another group meal. This time, however, the guys thought they could force conversation between Jenni, Deena and Angelina by scattering mid-meal, leaving the three of them alone at the table together. They ran, but the conversation didn’t exactly flow.

“Did they think this would make us talk it out,” said Jenni in a confessional. “I’m not Deena, it’s not gonna end like Deena. I don’t want that.”

Once Dr. Drew arrived in Las Vegas, he met up with the guys first, who all let him know he was their “last resort.” They then filled him in on all the wedding speech drama, as well as Jenni and Deena’s issues with Angelina’s toxic social media behavior after. Drew agreed the speech itself wasn’t that bad, but social media made everything a billion times worse.

Drew then wanted to talk to Jenni, who — after being told she wasn’t “getting interventioned” — was ecstatic to see Pinsky in her midst. She was clearly a fan, telling Drew she loved him and apologizing on behalf of the boys for bringing him into this mess. She then started to explain why she was so frustrated with Angelina and hesitant to bury the hatchet.

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“I’m sure you heard about the wedding, I didn’t stand up next to her to like ruin her day,” said Jenni. “She watched the whole world think that the three of us ruined her wedding. She’s retweeting and liking the fact that finally the world is on Angelina’s side.”

When Drew asked whether Angelina was considered the “villain” before, but now had more fans on her side, Jenni said that was precisely the case. “Yeah, and she loved it,” she said.

“I’m coming in scared, because there’s an other side, a woman that doesn’t have as much to lose as I do and doesn’t think logically,” she added. “She goes to social media and it’s damaging. Pure fear.”

She also felt her costars “don’t feel what I feel because she’ll never do it to them.”

At this point, Deena was in her room with her husband Chris and felt that the guys were up to something. She, of course, was right — and walked in on the therapy session with Jenni.

The cliffhanger: whether anyone would mention JWoww’s text to Deena, demanding she not patch things up with Angelina, something Jenni didn’t realize everyone knew about. A preview for next week confirmed it will be addressed, though it’s unclear whether Angelina herself will ever join this session too.

“Jersey Shore Family Vacation” airs Thursdays on MTV.

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