Inspirational Tyson Fury chases fan to help him through his mental health battle after famously beating his own demons – The Sun

TYSON FURY chased down a fan to give him advice on how to battle mental health problems.

The Gypsy King – who performed a remarkable turnaround from suicidal rock-bottom to world champion  – was approached by a fan named Colby who wanted a photo.

In footage captured in Fury's new ITV documentary, Colby, from Milton Keynes, thanks the boxer for the picture before explaining his life situation.

The Gypsy King leaves but goes back to speak with Colby when he realises the fan may be battling personal demons and offers some inspirational words of advice.

Fury, who had suggested Colby’s parents may have split up, says to the camera: "I tell you something now.

“That lad is here from Milton Keynes or wherever he’s from, probably his parents have split up; one lives down there, one lives up here.

"So I would say, just by speaking to him for two seconds, that he suffers from mental health problems of some sort.

"Which brings me to go and speak to him…"

Fury then calls for Colby before dashing over to speak with him, and says: "Now from speaking to you for two seconds I thought that kid might be struggling with mental health problems of some sort."

That humbled me. This journey is bigger than boxing because I get the opportunity to do stuff like that and help people who are suffering.


Colby replies: "I went through a stage when I was depressed, it was hard for me growing up, my mum was a single parent."

Fury then says: "My parents split up and all that c***, whatever, it's not easy.

“What my advice would be, if boxing is what you're into it, then get into that and put some good energy into it."

Fury famously dethroned heavyweight king Wladimir Klitschko in November 2015, but gave up the belts a year later as it emerged he was severely suffering with depression and substance abuse.

After ballooning up to 28st, the Gypsy King turned his life around as he made a comeback to the ring.

Six fights on and five years after first climbing to the top of the division, Fury is once again world champion after beating Wilder for the WBC title.

And Colby told the heavyweight hero his journey inspired him.

He explains: “It’s crazy to talk to one of my role models, it’s definitely inspired me. Your story personally, and how you went through the hard times.”

After the conversation, Fury says to the camera: “That humbled me.

“This journey is bigger than boxing because I get the opportunity to do stuff like that and help people who are suffering.

"Maybe that conversation can help; to have an opportunity to help people and do good for the good, that's what drives me now."

  • Tyson Fury: The Gyspy King will be shown on ITV1 tonight at 9pm

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