Inside Piers Morgans LA home where he fears New Years Eve plans will be ruined amid Covid fears

Piers Morgan is hoping to see in the New Year in his home in Los Angeles.

The 56-year-old owns a palatial five-bedroom property in a sought after neighbourhood which he expects to visit if travel restrictions allow.

Speaking on Twitter, the presenter said that he and his wife Celia Walden and their nine-year-old daughter Elise have plans to visit their second home over the festive period.

However, if the government amend restrictions, Piers admits he will be forced to cancel their plans.

The couple owns a luxury home with its own pool and huge outdoor space for entertaining.

There is also plenty of space inside for guests and five bedrooms each with their own en suite and four poster bed.

Piers has previously visited with his grown-up sons, Spencer, Albert and Stanley.

When in town, the broadcaster likes to watch the LA Lakers play basketball as well as dining as the celeb favourite Nobu in Malibu.

The property in Beverly Hills is believed to be worth £4.2 million and also boasts its own team of staff to care for the property for part of the year.

Piers was asked about his plans by a follower on Twitter who wrote: "Will you be seeing the new year in in style in Antigua again this year, Piers?"

The TV star replied to say: "No, I’m due to see in the New Year at my home in Los Angeles but that will depend on whether I’m allowed to fly there on Boxing Day."

Sharing his concerns that rule changes may ruin the plans, he concluded: "As throughout the pandemic, I’ll only travel if lawful & Govt says it’s OK to do so."

Piers owns an impressive property portfolio including a £700k house in East Sussex and a £5 million London townhouse.

While he now spends the majority of his time in London, he previously lived in LA while working in America.

During the lockdown, Piers complained about being stuck in one house, saying: I've been in London now since March 14th. I have never been in one place, I don't think in my adult life as long as I've been in London."

Susanna Reid then asked him: "And how many of your properties would you have visited in that time?"

Piers then declared: "What I've discovered is a new fresh hell where you see other people using your swimming pools."

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