Influencer shows how stomach can dramatically change shape in just 2 seconds

An influencer joked she was having a "food baby" when she showed the drastic change the moment she relaxed her muscles

Nicole Sudyka shared the body positivity post on her TikTok account as she proudly flaunted her curves with a bloated tummy.

"This should be illegal," said the overlay text written on the top of the clip.

Two seconds later, she holds her breath and tucks in her stomach and her "belly" disappears behind the baby-blue two-piece set.

She turns aside, revealing a toned midriff and flat stomach.

Nicole said: "Anytime I eat or drink mine does this. This is me 99% of the time."

She also shows the Instagram "reality" in a bikini snap and said she had to "suck in" at the swimming all day after eating.

Some viewers said they also have the same bloating problem and were glad that they "are not alone".

One said: "My stomach is the same way, especially if I drink alcohol every day!"

"That me out and about versus my modelling," a second wrote and a third commented: "Maybe it's just me but I think girls look cute with their natural sometimes bloated tummy."

But some said holding breath and pushing the stomach in might not be good.

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"Breathe sister, this will damage your organs and can cause prolapses," a TikToker warned and another added: "This really damages your organs."

Nicole later found a vitamin supplement to relieve her bloating issue and said it "works like a charm".

The herbal pill contains goji berry, peppermint, anise and fennel.

Meanwhile, another influencer took to Instagram to show what natural boobs look like to a social media post to raise breast awareness.

Nelly London has been left with scars on her boobs after her body rejected her breast reduction surgery.

In the Instagram post, she unhooked her bra to show how she now embraces her natural boobs.

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