Influencer shares photo before perfect shot to show Instagram isnt realistic

Enhancements to pictures, airbrushing and filters have become a norm when it comes to images we see on our phones but influencer Georgia Clarke took it upon herself to dispel the myth that every snap an influencer takes is perfect.

The social media star, who has almost 700,000 followers, shared side by side pics from sunny Marbella in Spain to show that each perfect picture posted by influencers comes with a stream of imperfect snaps.

Captioning the Instagram post, which also featured Georgia Morris, she wrote: "The perfect shot Vs the shot before the shot!

"What if I told you that influencers rarely get the perfect shot in 1 go…

"In fact it’s more like trying out many locations, lighting points, angles, selfie timers, tripods and testing poses.

"Would you believe me if I said the second picture was pretty much how all of them came out and the one on the left side was pretty much the ONLY good shot of both of us.

"Don’t be fooled by the perfect highlights of an influencer trip. We put a lot of effort into make it effortless and often even though we’re smiling in the shot – the reality of it is a stressful ordeal, in fact so stressful I’ve recorded it all for you and I shall share a mini vlog tomorrow of the behind the scenes it took to get this.. I hope you’re ready to see what it’s really like because it isn’t glam at all!"

In a world dominated by social media, people are obsessed with sharing the best picture of them possible which has increased the amount of pressure on people to take the perfect shot.

For influencers, whose prestige and fame comes from the world of social media, it can often seem that they have the perfect life and the perfect appearance.

But Georgia's candid post shows that, just like everyone else, they can also take less than perfect photos.

The post showed a picture perfect snap of the pair in red and grey sports gear with radiant smiles next to a snap take where the two were both looking away from the camera in less flattering positions.

One fan commented: "Thank you for being so honest and real! It’s such a breath of fresh air and honestly I think it will help so many people. What you’re doing is amazing."

Another said: "You are both unreal."

A third added: "Both pics are awesome" followed by a love heart eye emoji.

The body positive influencer also shared an Instagram post debunking the myths of influencers perfect bodies sharing tips and tricks of how to photograph the perfect bum.

She showed how just a slight change in the angle of the leg and the way you are facing can drastically improve how the bum looks in photos.

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She captioned the post: "Facing the shade VS Facing the sunlight.

"When the camera is from a side & low angle… facing the shade means that the harshest part of the light hits your body.

"When you face the sunlight directly on and the camera is shooting from the side, it softens the skin and creates lots of shadow effects appearing to be toned muscles."

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