‘I’m using a surrogate to have a baby because I don’t want to ruin my body’

A model has explained that she wants to use a surrogate to have a baby so that she doesn’t “ruin” her body.

And the young woman also emphasised that she wanted one of her Instagram followers to be the father of her future child!

Anastasiya Berthier, from Moscow, Russia, claimed that she was feeling broody and wanted a family, but that she wasn’t willing to risk her money-making figure.

So, the 26-year-old, who lives in Dubai, has signed up to a surrogacy agency in Kazakhstan.

The model said: “I work hard to keep my body in shape and if I carry a baby myself it’ll probably be impossible to get my body back.

“You can see a lot of examples of curvy models who never returned to work after having babies and I don’t want that.

“Plus, if I do it this way I can choose the gender of the baby and be more likely to have twins.

"I’d like to have boys first and then a daughter.”

Choosing the sex of your child through IVF is not allowed in many countries.

It is illegal to choose the gender of your embryo in the UK except in cases where it is done for medical reasons.

Anastasiya earns a six figure salary online with her slim figure and 34K breasts.

And, she’s own the look out for a dad to her future children.

She plans to offer the unique opportunity to one of her 1.1 million followers on Instagram (@artdikaya_) or on OnlyFans.

She said: “I know most of these guys very well, I speak to them all day long, so why not?

"If he is smart, good-looking and kind, then he can contribute to being part of my family.

“I wouldn’t ask for any financial help from him. Any man would be lucky to be the father of my child."

But, she doesn’t necessarily want to find love with the man.

Anastasiya said: “I’m single at the moment but I don’t need to be with a man to have a child.

"I’m not desperate for a boyfriend, however, I’m open to meeting someone if he’s Mr. Right.

“Actress Amber Heard just had a baby by surrogate, it’s not as unusual as it was.

"I don’t see why I should have to wait to meet a man just to have a baby.

"I’m financially secure and if I use a surrogate then I’ll be able to keep on working.”

She added: “I’ve been ready for children for a few years now and spoken to lots of different specialists, it’s not something I’ve rushed into.

“It’s not cheap but using a surrogate in Kazakhstan is far cheaper than in the US or Europe.

"There is a fee for the mother for actually carrying the baby but also a monthly salary while she’s pregnant."

The model’s friends and family are supportive of her choice – although they were surprised when she first told them.

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She said: “I’ve spoken to my mum and friends about it and although they were shocked at first, after I explained my reasons she said she understood and supported me.

“If you want to be happy and healthy you have to have thick skin.

"Whatever you do, people will talk. Just be yourself.

“I might get pregnant myself later on in life but at the moment I love working and don’t want to risk my body.

“I’m going to make a wonderful mum and I don’t need a man to fulfill my dreams.”

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