‘I’m jealous of small-chested women, my boobs go like yo-yos every time I jump’

A woman has taken to TikTok to share her struggles of having big boobs, joking that they move like yo-yos.

Lily-Rose told her 1.7million followers on her social media that she wants small boobs.

While many see big breasts as a "natural gift", she showed the viewers that how it could be inconvenient in daily lives.

"Do you know what? I'm actually jealous of girls with small boobs — and here is why," she says.

"You guys can wear hoodies without wearing a bra and look all cute and quirky.

"I'm currently wearing a hoodie without a bra."

She says sometimes she would adjust her posture to "hide" her breasts, but she explains: "As soon as I jump, it's game over.

"You b**ches are f***ing lucky. Every time I jump, my boobs are going like yo-yos.

"Now that's me with a hoodie, just imagine me in a T-shirt. Yeah it just doesn't exist – I just have to wear a bra or a sports bra."

In another video, she puts on a T-shirt and shows fans what it's like when she moves left and right.

"Everyone says this hurts, no, them b**ches just clap," she teased.

Some viewers said they have similar problems as Lily-Rose, with one saying: "Running up a flight of stairs hurts."

A second said: "Ya girl I have to hold them goin down the stairs because if I don't, I'll get knocked out."

Others said they "wish to have the same problem".

"Mine don't move at all," one wrote while a second penned: "Oh I think I heard a slap! That looks painful."

Meanwhile, a curvy woman "exposed" a crop top hack that is mostly "privileged" by people with small breasts.

Erin Jones copied the trick of using a safety pin to hold the sleeves of a T-shirt to create a crop top, but her busty boobs were not up to the job.

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