I’m attracted to men without wanting sex with them but I want to romp with women – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I’VE been attracted to men as long as I can remember but I’ve never wanted to have sex with them. I am not attracted to women but I do want to experience sex with them.

I’m a 30-year-old guy and I’m still a virgin. I have done oral sex with guys and have had two girlfriends but I didn’t have sex with either of them.

I would like to be settled down like my mates but, whoever I’m with, I feel it’s for the wrong reasons. I see myself living with a woman in years to come rather than a man but I’m so confused.

DEIDRE SAYS: Sexuality can be far from straight-forward but it could be it’s social conditioning not to be gay which is confusing you.

Talk it all over with someone understanding at the Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline (switchboard.lgbt, 0300 330 0630).

They won’t judge you – nor assume you’re gay if you’re unsure. My e-leaflet on Bisexual Issues will help too.

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