‘I’m an ex-beauty queen who talks to aliens warning us of great famine on Earth’

A former beauty queen has claimed she is able to speak to her late father and even aliens, with the latter warning her of a "great famine" that will hit Earth.

Beste Açar, who came third in Miss Turkey in 1995, said in a Youtube program that she speaks to aliens, the Virgin Mary, and her dad – who died in 2015 – using "very high energies, very high frequencies".

The 49-year-old conceded that there will be people who "say that this girl has lost her mind" but said that "everything is possible."

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Beste, whose dad is Turkish singer song-writer Kayahan, said: "We also have communication with energies of different dimensions.

"We call it the Galactic Federation, actually, we have also contacted Galactic (aliens) friends, there are messages from them as well."

Asked what the aliens have told her, she gave a worrying answer for the future of the planet.

"They said a lot. I can tell you that the world is facing a great famine," she explained.

"The whole world will experience serious water related problems. It's also about energy production."

She said there will be severe issues with heating, energy, food and water.

Beste explained that she does meditation and "energy work" to achieve such communication.

"We don't actually die, there is no death. Our spirit is eternal," she added. "As long as you allow communication, volunteer, close your eyes and that's it."

Due to her wild claims, Beste is aware that some may not believe her and think she has "lost her mind"

The former beauty queen added: "There may be those who say that this girl has lost her mind. This communication was not seeing my father directly in front of me, but perceiving his energy.

"You perceive things vibrationally, and you make the sentences yourself.

"The energy that came to me was that it was not right for him to be like this. Everyone understands as much as they can. I know that everything is possible."

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