If you don't empty your bin or strip your sheets, you're a bad hotel guest, say former cleaning staff

HOTEL staff have revealed the things you should do next time you check out – and the things that make you a bad guest.

In a thread on Reddit, staff were asked what guests can do to make it easier for them to clean the rooms.

The thread, titled "Hotel Maids of Reddit, What are some small things we can do before checking out of our rooms to make your lives easier?" revealed some of the ways you may be making it harder for staff when they clean.

One wrote: "Flush the toilets please. Leaving a toilet behind for me that looks like a lovely open septic tank is really just mean.".

Another said that not leaving rubbish across the room is a huge help too.

They explained: "Put garbage in the garbages. Empty water bottles and cans before putting them in the recycling bin."

While they seem simple enough, many said that you shouldn't be making your bed – as it has to get stripped anyway.

Instead, you can strip it yourself, and put it in one pile for them.

A frequent traveller explained: "Take the sheets and pillow cases off, roll them all together and leave it on the bed.

"Gives them more time to make the room ready, and doesn't take but 5 minutes for you to do."

Others said that putting everything together was the main help, and something easy to do before checking out.

They said: "Consolidate 'like' items, so all towels can be dumped together in the bathtub.

"Throw out used amenities (soaps, shampoo, conditioner, coffee pods, used creamers) unless the hotel has some kind of recycling program for that stuff (ours did not)."

Don't worry about leaving a tip – while many said it was a nice touch, and more common in US hotels, they said a nice note and a tidy room made much more of a difference.

Former staff have been revealing some of the other gross secrets at hotels.

TikTok user Amanda Hunt said: "Most hotels don't wash their comforters. So before you go bundle yourself up like a taco in that thing, throw it on the ground and don't touch it," she tells viewers.

"The amount of things that are on that comforter are disgusting, like you don't wanna know."

Here are some of the most horrifying things hotel cleaners have found rooms too.

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