I was kicked out of my hotel in Spain for having Covid – and left on the street with my suitcase

A BRITISH tourist was left to roam the streets with his suitcase after testing positive for Covid on holiday – and his hotel kicked him out.

Alex Williams, 25, was in Lanzarote with his brother and friend over Christmas when they tested positive for Covid.

Having arrived at the Spanish island on December 20, they took their Covid tests before they planned to fly back to the UK.

However, after he and his friend both tested positive, they were not given anywhere else to stay, with the hotel they were staying at not letting them extend their stay.

Alex, from Wales, told Manchester Evening News: "We were given a helpline to call, they basically told us to go back to hotel and that the hotel would be informed we had tested positive.

"We asked the helpline what we should do as we were due to check out and had nowhere to go."

He said that despite being told by local authorities who were offering support for tourists with Covid, that they would find them somewhere to stay, they were not given any alternative accomodation.

They were then forced to check out of their hotel, and were told they "had to leave" as the hotel was "too nice".

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He also claimed they said they were fully booked, but Alex said the hotel seemed "half empty".

He added: "As soon as they found out we had Covid, they just wanted us out. We felt like we were being kicked out onto the streets with a positive result.”

They were then stuck on the streets for three hours and even called the British Embassy.

He added: "We were in a serious situation, it was New Year's Eve and we couldn't be out all night with our bags. It wasn't safe.

"My girlfriend and parents were calling me worried, I couldn't tell them what was happening because I didn't know myself.

"We were fine in ourselves, it was the uncertainty of not knowing what was going to happen next."

He said they were eventually picked up by an ambulance and taken to alternative accommodation, which has been covered by local authorities.

Here are the current travel rules for Brits on holiday in Spain right now.

This includes fines up to £1,700 if caught smoking on the beaches due to new laws.

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