'I love living life on the edge': Man quits engineering job to travel the world

‘I wouldn’t have it any other way,’ said Stanley Aryanto, 34, who left his engineering job to travel the world and pursue his passion: photography. 

Stanley was earning more than £55,000 ($100,000 AUD) as a mechanical engineer when he decided to leave his job in 2018, and he hasn’t looked back. 

So far, the 34-year-old has visited 26 countries including Australia, America, South Korea, Singapore and more.

He said: ‘I left my engineering career in 2018 to pursue my passion in travel and photography, and since then I’ve been living on a suitcase.

‘Looking back, it was a crazy decision, and Coronavirus hasn’t helped, but this lifestyle has given me so much opportunity to see the beauty around the world that I would’ve missed otherwise.’

Stanley has enjoyed some incredible sights since he set off on his travels, including seeing the Milky Way from the top of the highest volcano in Bali, and climbing Mount Saddleback in Australia to see the Northern Lights. 

‘I wouldn’t have it any other way,’ he added.

‘I think my favourite moment is to witness once in a lifetime Comet Neowise that’s not going to appear for another 6800 years.’

Stanley now funds his travels through his photography – and shares his amazing selfies which show off the incredible views.

He’s gained attention for his dangerous poses in his pictures, often standing on the edge of cliffs.

‘I love living on the edge, because we can only grow outside of our comfort zone,’ he said. 

‘Having the confidence to go to the edge, when it is safe to do so, and look down gives you a feeling like no other.

‘That you are alive, living the life that you always dream of, but of course, it’s important to do a risk assessment before you stand on the edge.’

A list of countries Stanley has visited:

Since quitting his job, Stanley has explored 26 countries in five years.

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