‘Human Ken Doll’ spends £10k on cosmetic work and has weekly tanning injections

A “human Ken Doll” has opened up about his love for tanning and cosmetic surgery.

Jimmy Featherstone, from Hull, forks out around £10,000 a year on procedures to maintain his doll-like appearance.

These include lip and cheek fillers, Botox, veneers and getting his hair done once a week at the cost of £300.

The 22-year-old, who admits he "isn't everyone's cup of tea", also has illegal tanning injections.

While the NHS warns against the jabs as they have “not undergone the stringent safety and effectiveness testing that all medicines have to undergo before they can be licensed for use”, Jimmy is not fazed.

The "real life Ken" injects himself at home five times a week to maintain his bronzed glow.

Jimmy told Hull Live: "People keep telling me not to do it but I continue to."

He plans to give fans a glimpse into his life on TV show Hooked on the Look.

The "living doll" just finished filming his episode, which plunges the audience into the world of plastic surgery.

He revealed: "Yesterday I filled from 7 in the morning till 8 on the night where I was interviewed around my home and at Metro gym and Queen Bee Boutique where RBMicroblading carried out my cosmetics procedures…

"Many will be shocked to learn I inject myself pretty much every day with tanning injections and there are many more surprises in store."

Jimmy added: "Now I’ve finished filming I will be enjoying time catching up with friends and maybe even a holiday if I can get away.

"I’m happy with the love and support from Hull so far and fans who have supported me.

"I have people over in Australia messaging me saying they are so excited. I am so glad we now have an official date for the show."

Jimmy won't be stopping his cosmetic surgery any time – with a £6,000 nose job next on his agenda.

He decided to get the procedure done after being attacked during a night out in Hull.

Jimmy was attacked at 10pm on Sunday, May 22, and required hospital treatment for his injuries, which included a broken nose and a head wound.

Humberside Police confirmed two men hit him in the face, leaving the local celebrity with interrupted filming plans.

No individuals have been charged, but the police is investigating.

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Jimmy plans to get his nose fixed by jetting off to Germany in September for surgery.

He refuses to let the attack hold him back and is excited for his Hooked on the Look episode to air on July 29.

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