Homeless man completely transformed by free haircut from kind-hearted barber

A homeless man has been totally transformed by a simple free haircut thanks to a kind-hearted barber, leaving viewers in tears.

Joshua Santiago is often filmed offering free trims to the homeless on his TikTok account @empoweringcuts, which boasts more than 100,000 followers.

And a recent video has proven especially popular with more than 1.1. million views.

It shows the young homeless man sitting in the barber’s’ chair on the pavement.

Joshua quickly goes about shaving off the thick hair that clearly hasn’t been attended to for some time.

Having removed the chunk of hair, he then sharpens the edges with a razor as he explains the man’s story.

“Today I blessed this young gentleman that’s currently homeless with a free haircut,” the caption reads.

“He bragged about how happy he is because he’s been clean off drugs for the past three days.”

Hundreds of viewers have praised Joshua’s actions in the comments section to the tear-jerking video.

“Don’t stop doing what you do. So much respect bro,” one said.

Another commented: “Thank you for your kindness.”

And a third added: “He looks so lost and sad.”

It is not the first time a homeless man’s transformation has gone viral.

Last year, a barber noticed a rough sleeper hanging around outside his shop and so decided to give him a free trim.

Another man looked completely unrecognisable when he was given a haircut.

Meanwhile, a homeless woman who once lived in a closet has revealed how she now owns a luxurious “dream home” which is full of colour.

Taylor, who has racked up a following on her TikTok account @tbeepbob, posted a clip to show people how she beat her financial struggles.

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