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You don’t need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross spread to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: Your Sun sign! Here’s what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces, plus one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice around your personality. Let’s go!


Well, how serendipitous, pulling the Two of Cups for Valentine’s week! I swear I didn’t fix it. The Two of Cups shows us that all of our love lives will receive the nice little boost. Look forward to getting even closer to your boo, your crush showing interest in you, or even just getting some support from your friends. We all need people to lean on, and we don’t find everything we need in just one person. Share the love, and treat everyone in your world a little bit kinder this week.


You’ve hit a dead end in a role, relationship, or project—it’s something you’ve been working hard on, and something you had high hopes for. It sucks, tbh. Aries, don’t stress, because this is telling you to take a more lucrative and rewarding path. Let yourself change course, instead of stubbornly plugging away at something that’s just not working. Head for where the action.


You don’t need me to tell you this, Taurus, but other people can be shady! The Seven of Swords prompts you to notice some unsavory characters in your immediate surroundings. You need to put up your guard and block their influence. Get a big chunk of black tourmaline and stuff it in your bra this week, or just stay on guard! Let the haters dig a pit for themselves. Avoid them and their drama.


You have an inner voice that never stops talking. This is usually a good thing, bc usually your “inner twin” feeds you lots of bright ideas. But this week, they’re in one of their ~moods~. The Eight of Swords makes you talk to yourself unkindly and project your anxieties onto the external world. So shut this voice up! Distract yourself with treats, play, meditation, or inspiring conversations with people who uplift you. Tune out your inner critic.


Cancer, you tend to hold onto stuff you should’ve let go a long time ago. It may pain you, but the Four of Coins asks you to have a big ol’ clear-out this week—mentally, physically, and emotionally. Apply the KonMari Method on your life: Find the clutter, thank it, and then let it go. Get rid of it! It’s time.

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You believe that work/life balance is only an issue if you don’t love your work. The Four of Wands sees you following your own advice by changing something about your career that’s just not working. This might be as drastic as quitting, taking a class, or beginning to job-search. Or it might be easy as adjusting your schedule, delegating, or asking for different responsibilities. Make thoughtful adjustments this week—they’ll pay off.


You’re a natural planner, Virgo, and you’re bringing your sharp insight and sense of order to your material ambitions this week. The Nine of Coins is a ~long game~ card, signaling that it’s time to future-proof your finances, health, career, and home. You know good things come to those who plan, so you’re looking at schemes which will yield great rewards in the future. You’re prepared to stick with it, and you’re prepared to invest. Aim high!


Death! Don’t panic, Libra, it’s not actually a bad card. It actually means transformation. You’re coming to the natural end of one chapter starting another one. You may sense that some things, roles, or relationships in your life are winding down. Let them go, and look for opportunities that you can take into the future with you. It’s time for something new.


The Magician is a wonderful card about using your unique talents and strengths to serve the world, make a living, and reach your full potential. Creative projects, entrepreneurial ventures, and big ideas are all in play. What will you focus on? Whatever inspires you, and whatever career ambitions you have, THIS is the week to activate them. It’s time to find your niche in this world, Scorpio.


There’s a vacation, travel plan, celebration, or location change that was on your agenda, but for some reason (like a global pandemic?), you’ve had to cancel it. The resistant Eight of Cups shows that you’ve kept going and believing it will happen. Sorry, Sag, but it won’t. The sooner you accept it and let it go, the sooner you can plan something else instead. This isn’t the end of your idea, it’s just a diversion. Soon, you’ll be working on something even bigger and better. You just have to acknowledge that your current plan isn’t working first. Let it go.


New romance ahead! The Ace of Cups is a beautiful card about instant chemistry, immediate attraction, and new relationships that affirm our appreciation for life itself. Get ready to fall in love! It could be with someone new (maybe a water sign–that’s Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio), or maybe you’re feeling a burst of passion for your current beau. Invest in your love life this week!


Some people think you’re cold, Aquarius (how rude). In fact, even astrologers debate whether you’re a little chillier than the other signs, or whether you just prefer to keep your feelings to yourself. This week, they’ll all get a big surprise. The King of Cups sees you expressing emotions you’ve long kept beneath the surface. It’s time to name them and talk about them. Show others how you really feel.


The Chariot is a purposeful card, full of ambition and intention. Its presence in your world this week signals that you’re a fish with a mission! Maybe it’s a project, an application, a lifestyle improvement, or an actual location change. Movement is the key theme here. You’re progressing from where you currently stand towards a destination (whether physical or metaphorical) that you want to reach. Get moving, Pisces.

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