Get fit in 15 minutes: Nutrition and exercise to tone your bingo wings

Get fit in 15 minutes: The best nutrition and exercise to tone your bingo wings

  • Celebrity personal trainer Nadya Fairweather reveals how to get fit in 15 minutes
  • She advises people to do the super-speedy exercise downward dog touch backs
  • Nutritionist Amanda Hamilton also advises eating turmeric for metabolic rates
  • Liz Hemmings picks out some stylish fitness clothes for the exercise regime


To tone your bingo wings, try downward dog touch backs, says celebrity personal trainer Nadya Fairweather (

Start in a high plank position, bottom high, feet hip-width apart. You should be in a triangle shape.

Shift your weight back and touch your left hand to your right foot, then back to the mat, now switch and touch your right hand to your left foot. 

Celebrity personal trainer Nadya Fairweather gives advice on getting fit in 15 minutes, including the exercise downward dog touch backs (above)

Keep alternating left to right in a steady, consistent pace, remembering to breathe!

Go for 30 seconds action and 15 seconds of rest, for five sets.


According to nutritionist Amanda Hamilton (, your diet can help too.

Turmeric is found in studies to marginally raise metabolic rate, along with peppers and chillies, so it gives a nudge to fat loss efforts, especially for hard to reach areas such as bingo wings. 

It’s most active compound, curcumin, is considered to be a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, too.

Nutritionist Amanda Hamilton also advises eating turmeric (above) as they have been found to marginally raise metabolic rates, helping with weight loss

When the liver is not functioning optimally hormones can recirculate and lead to imbalances.

Oestrogen imbalance causes multiple issues, including excess fat storage. 

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower contain indole-3-carbinol, which helps the liver’s detoxification process. 


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