FIFA 23 cover reveal features ‘England’s best finisher’ debut, plus Mbappé again

The cover art for the upcoming FIFA 23 game is finally here, and it's proving controversial among fans.

Fans have applauded the addition of Chelsea forward Sam Kerr as the first female footballer to star on the cover of a FIFA game, calling her the 'best finisher in England'.

But others have also complained about the inclusion of PSG's Kylian Mbappé, who features on the front cover for the third time in a row.

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Both footballers appear on the Standard and Ultimate editions of the game, which is set for a release later this year.

On Twitter, one fan said of Sam Kerr: "Sometimes I wish I could bring her to men's team she is a f****** baller."

Another wrote: "Kerr is a huge brand in female football. The Lionel Messi and Ronaldo of female football."

Many people have pointed out that Mbappé is appearing on the FIFA game cover for the third time after featuring as the cover star of FIFA 21 and FIFA 22.

"Sam Kerr and who?" said one fan on Twitter.

"How is Mbappe always on it […] dead game," said another.

Sam Kerr is the all-time leading goalscorer in the US National Women's Soccer League, as well as Australia's all-time leading goalscorer of any gender.

You'll be able to view the full trailer for FIFA 23 on YouTube from tomorrow, July 20th.

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FIFA 23 looks likely to be the last title produced by EA Sports, after both organisations announced an end to their long-running partnership.

From 2023 onwards, the game will be called EA Sports FC following a licensing disagreement with FIFA.

David Jackson, vice president at EA Sports, told the BBC in May: "The world of football and the world of entertainment are changing, and they clash within our product.

"In the future our players will demand of us the ability to be more expansive in that offering. At the moment, we engage in play as a primary form of interactive experience. Soon, watching and creating content are going to be equally as important for fans."


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