Fashion Twitter Thinks It’s Seen the YEEZY GAP "Round Jacket" Before

This week has been a momentous one for Kanye West: he turned 44-years-old, dropped his latest YEEZY 700 BOOST MNVN, was at the center of rumors regarding new music, and most notably, dropped his inaugural piece for YEEZY

It’s clear, too, that Kanye is also looking at his own design language for inspiration. There seems to be a clear link between his work with GAP and his upcoming line of adidas footwear — the YZY FOAM RNNR is bulbous yet architectural, as is the just-seen KNIT RNNR. And those lines are echoed in the rounded shapes of his ready-to-wear.

It begs the question: have we seen the YEEZY GAP “Round Jacket” before, is Kanye West doing his research, or has he just created a new era of affordable fashion?i

At $200 USD, the “Round Jacket” is undeniably on the pricier side of GAP — but that didn’t deter fans from buying every single one in a matter of hours (though not minutes, unlike other collaborative efforts). The reason it sold out is not only due to exclusivity, as it’s been made clear that the 10-year deal is a way to consistently bring younger consumers back to GAP. It sold out because of the undefeated ‘Kanye Effect,’ anything he puts his name to is sure to sell fast.

Combined, Kanye West at GAP has the chance to redefine affordable high street-level fashion (especially when it ventures beyond the U.S.). The ‘Kanye Effect’ is going to carry the designer label for a while — as we know, his sneakers are no longer instant sell-outs — so it’s down to innovation or inspirations such as the “Round Jacket” to continue to surprise, educate, and elevate us.
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