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LEWIS HAMILTON is looking to win a seventh world title today – but a sopping wet track is causing havoc in Turkey.

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  • Bottas SPINS on first lap, Hamilton makes solid start from sixth on grid.

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    LAP 33

    Stroll from Perez, Albon, Vettel and Hamilton.

    10 seconds now between the top five.

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    LAP 31

    We have some dry tyres. Leclerc is the first to make the leap of faith.

    Let's see how this plays out now.

    Hamilton seems to think it's very slippery still and there won't be a transition stage.

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    LAP 30

    DRS is now enabled too, the weather is allowing it.

    This race is drying up and spicing up.

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    LAP 28

    Hamilton has clear air and he now slashes into the Racing Point lead.

    Let's see how that plays out when he closes in on Vettel again.

    And to make things even more unclear, it looks like we'll be ready for dry tyres soon.

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    LAP 27

    As it stands:Stroll, Perez, Albon, Vettel, Hamilton.

    14 seconds separate the top five as we come up to the halfway mark.

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    LAP 26

    Vettel has suddenly found some pace from nowhere and is dropping Hamilton now.

    He's just 11 seconds off the lead now and four ahead of Hamilton.

    This could soon be a four-way scrap for the win.

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    LAP 25

    Albon is really closing on the Racing Points.

    He's now just behind Perez in second and only 4 seconds off the leader Stroll.

    This is a massive chance for a race win for Albon.

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    LAP 21

    “I'm losing so much time,” Hamilton says on team radio.

    He's still stuck behind Vettel while Albon who managed to get past is now 11 seconds up the road.

    Lewis' podium chances slipping away – but he'll be champion by the end of the day still.

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    LAP 19

    Verstappen spins! Nightmare for Max.

    He tried to go up the inside of Perez into turn 11 and ends up spinning out and losing his podium place.

    Past him go Albon, Vettel and Hamilton.

    Verstappen shouts “flat spots” on team radio and has to come in for new rubber.

    His victory and probably podium chances over.

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    LAP 16

    “Brakes aren't working, man.”

    That's Lewis's message on team radio. I think you were just a bit too aggressive there Lewis.

    Albon is up to fourth. Straight past Vettel. The Red Bulls looking good here.

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    LAP 15

    Hamilton is all over the back of Vettel now. Surely just a matter of time before he gets into fourth place.

    But he goes too deep into the braking zone and ends up having to yield and losing a place to Albon.

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    LAP 13

    The top 6 then after that round of pit stops.

    Stroll, Perez, Verstappen, Vettel, Hamilton, Albon.

    So Verstappen gets the jump on Vettel, and Perez is now right in their clutches after his slow pit stop.

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    LAP 12

    Verstappen has come out just ahead of Hamilton – that's how much time he lost by staying out on the wet tyres.

    It's worked for Bottas as well as he's now up to 13th.

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    LAP 11

    Now Perez is on the inters.

    Red Bulls and Ocon the only three drivers left on the wets now and they're losing time massively.

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    LAP 10

    Most drivers coming in now for intermediates including one of the Racing Points Stroll.

    Verstappen says on team radio “let's not go too early on inters”.

    He said that after setting a fastest lap, but now Leclerc and Hamilton on the inters are flying.

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    LAP 8

    Hamilton says it's intermediates weather on the team radio but his tyres are still working.

    The pit lane is about to get busy.

    Vettel is in for fresh rubber, so is Lewis.

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    LAP 8

    Bottas asking for an early pit-stop because “I'm not going to be able to get through this train ahead. I just want to try something different”.

    Intermediate tyres go on his car so he needs to make these pay in clean air down in 19th.

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    LAP 7

    The first flinch from Charles Leclerc onto the intermediate tyres.

    There are some dry lines appearing so let's see how this goes.

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    LAP 5

    Meanwhile, at the front. Racing Point are flying clear of the pack.

    Stroll 5.6 seconds head of Perez, who is nine seconds ahead of Vettel in third.

    The Ferrari has Verstappen all over his rear.

    “It's drying out”, Stroll says on team radio.

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    LAP 5

    Verstappen seemed to stall off the line and went nowhere.

    Just watching replays of the start and Ricciardo could do nothing about Ocon turning in and colliding which led to the spin.

    Bottas just spun through trying to avoid the Renaults.

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    LAP 3

    It's Stroll, Perez, Vettel, Verstappen, Albon, Hamilton as the top six right now.

    Bottas is in 17th, Ocon has pitted for new tyres.

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    LAP 2

    Hamilton has no grip, he's taken by Verstappen and Albon and is now in sixth place.

    Bottas is now in 18th, so bad news for his hopes of keeping the title race going.

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    LAP 1

    It's a one-two for Racing Point right now as Perez joins Stroll at the front.

    Vettel goes past Hamilton into third after he slips off the track.

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    Very gingerly off the line. Verstappen has gone nowhere.

    Ricciardo has run into his team-mate Ocon, who is off the track.

    And Bottas spins out as well – nightmare for him.

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    Here we go!

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