Couple's genius wedding trick for coronavirus times: cardboard cutout guests

Romanee and Sam Rondeau-Smith, from Bramley, Guildford, had plans for a big wedding in July… then coronavirus arrived.

After restrictions came into place and pushed the wedding date to 14 August, the couple came up with a genius way to allow all their friends and family to show their faces at the ceremony.

Only able to have 14 people actually in attendance, Romanee, 34, and Sam, 30, forked out for 48 cardboard cutout versions of their guests instead.

The couple tied the knot at The Bell in Ticehurst, East Sussex, after getting engaged in December, and say they wouldn’t change a thing.

Romanee, who runs a pub, said: ‘We had about 100 people on our guest list but when coronavirus hit, we had to rework our plans and the venue were really flexible.

‘At the end of the day, we just want to get married so let’s just go ahead – it helps that we’re not high maintenance.

‘One of my bridesmaids lives in Nashville and she wouldn’t be able to attend so we joked about having her as a cardboard cut-out, so we thought why we don’t do that with our guests.

‘We got all of our guests to send us a picture of them and it went from there – the wedding planner loved it, she found it hilarious.

‘It worked out at the same price as what it would have cost to have them all here but we saved on the booze!

‘I’m sure there will be a massive party at some point – just somewhere low key.

‘It was perfect. It was really relaxed. We weren’t disappointed at all. Just being simple and having our immediate family there was perfect.’

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