Coronavirus spawns viral TikTok dance about washing your hands

It’s SickTok.

A Vietnamese dancer has devised a unique way to combat the global coronavirus scourge — by releasing a catchy hand-washing dance PSA on social media. His infectious new track has amassed more than 200,000 reactions on TikTok and spawned a viral challenge on the social media platform.

“I am so happy that my dance spread the world,” gushed Ho Chi Minh City’s Quang Dang on Instagram yesterday.

In the original video, uploaded last month, a yellow-shirt-wearing Dang and a matching buddy can be seen grooving in unison to a tune based on Vietnamese pop hit “Ghen.” The song was cleverly converted into a hand-washing PSA by lyricist Khac Hung and Vietnam’s National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, reports CBS News.

Dang choreographed the hand-cleaning dance moves to go with the lyrics.

The resultant rendition — dubbed “Ghen Co Vy” (Vietnamese for coronavirus) — urges the public to “push the coronavirus away” by refraining from “rubbing one’s nose, mouth and eyes, limiting visits to public places,” and, of course, washing one’s hands thoroughly. After all, scrubbing one’s mitts is more effective than hand sanitizer when it comes to staving off COVID-19.

Needless to say, Dang’s hygiene-hyping dance number has sparked a new TikTok challenge under the hashtag #GhenCoVyChallenge, where imitators parrot Dang’s disease-fighting dance moves. The copycat clips have collectively generated 2.1 million views since Wednesday, reports CBS.

The “coronaviral” trend has also generated a flurry of online responses. One Facebook fan commented, “Such a creative and helpful dance, and the melody sounds phenomenal.”

The original “Ghen Co Vy” music video was even given props on Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight” show by host John Oliver, who called the jingle “incredible.”

“Vietnam made a video about washing your hands to prevent coronavirus infection and it absolutely slaps!” exclaimed Oliver.

However, for Dang, the video isn’t a mere publicity stunt. “I want to use my own language (dance) to spread the right information about fighting COVID-19 to as many people as possible,” he told Billboard, adding that young people usually don’t get the correct info.

Dang’s isn’t the first coronavirus-themed challenge to go viral on social media. Freelance journalist Jen Monnier ignited Twitter Monday with a list of songs to sing while washing hands instead of the overused “Happy Birthday” jingle. Her post currently has almost 400,000 likes, and oodles of suggestions.

In fact, countless people across the globe are devising unorthodox ways to fight coronavirus, which has claimed 11 lives in the US in the past week. Most recently, COVID-19 fallout caused Hasbro to halt production of its top-selling Baby Yoda toys, while MGM postponed the release of the new James Bond flick to November 2020.

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