Coronavirus: Cricket in October could happen after delays, says Angus Fraser

Angus Fraser says the expected delay to the 2020 cricket season due to coronavirus could see the sport played as late as October “if that’s what it takes”.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, the Middlesex managing director, stressed the immediate priority is people’s well-being, but called on the game to be ‘creative’ in trying to schedule some cricket in, when safe to do so.

Fraser also spoke of the ‘survival’ mode that clubs are currently operating in, given the uncertainty over when the season will start, if at all.

“This is an ever-moving situation; It’s very difficult to predict what’s going to happen,” said Fraser. “Everybody’s waiting to find out whether we’re going to be playing in May, June, July or whenever.

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“Once we know that, then people like myself, the clubs, will react accordingly and get their players working towards playing again.

“The ECB, who are meeting and chatting about this, will let us know their decision, but we’re definitely expecting a delay, that is for sure – how long, I don’t know.

“It’s a different situation to football, in that football is three-quarters through a season and trying to finish. We haven’t started a season yet, so it’s about how creative the game can be to get some decent and worthwhile cricket in, whenever it is safe to play it.

“The daily updates we’re getting, and the government instruction, are moving forward at an alarming pace. Who knows what is going to happen tomorrow? We have to adapt what we’re doing accordingly.

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“We can’t play cricket in November, December, but there is talk about the season carrying on until the middle of October – and fair enough, if that’s what it takes for the game to fulfil its obligations.

“The first priority for everybody is the greater social well-being of the community. But if we can carry on playing cricket till the middle of October – if that’s what it takes for us, then that’s what needs to be done.

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