Coronavirus: Cofidis & Groupama-FDJ released from quarantine

Riders and staff of French teams Cofidis and Groupama-FDJ have been released from quarantine in the United Arab Emirates.

The final two stages of the UAE Tour were cancelled after two coronavirus cases, with riders at the event then tested for the virus.

While most teams left the UAE last week, Cofidis and Groupama-FDJ were among four teams kept in isolation.

Members of both teams have all tested negative for coronavirus.

Team UAE Emirates and Russian team Gazprom remain under lockdown.

“Since they all have been tested negative for Covid-19 for the third time, our 12 team members have been allowed to fly back home,” Groupama-FDJ said.

Cofidis said: “Good news from Abu Dhabi. After 10 days quarantined, Cofidis are on their way back home.”

Cofidis, Groupama-FDJ and Gazprom riders and staff were due to be held in quarantine until 14 March.

Members of Team UAE Emirates were allowed to leave after testing but chose to stay as a precaution. One of their riders, Italian Diego Ulissi, missed the birth of his daughter on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, UAE authorities announced six more cases connected to the race, including two Russians, two Italians, a German and a Colombian.

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