Coachella Fires Back at Elon Musk for Dissing Festival Following Postponement Announcement

The criticism doesn’t go unnoticed by the festival which quickly claps back at the Tesla founder with many dubbing its response ‘the best comeback of the day.’

AceShowbizElon Musk has weighed in on Coachella decision to push back this year’s event to October in light of Coronavirus outbreak. Taking to his Twitter account, the tech mogul mocks the festival by calling it “sucking.”

“Coachella should postpone itself until it stops sucking,” so he wrote on the blue bird app on Tuesday, March 10. “Too much corporate sponsorship killed the vibe,” the Tesla founder explained in a separate tweet, though he noted that the festival used to be “good maybe 5 or 6 years ago when you could wonder around & find great unknown bands.”

Sincere Show echoed the billionaire’s statement, saying, “Yeah it got to big for no reason.” Another person shared, “Right. Now all these ig models and youtubers go there just to show off their basic outfits, and snort coke.”

The criticism didn’t go unnoticed by the festival which quickly clapped back at Elon. Through its official Twitter account, Coachella shut him down with a photo and simply captioned it, “lol.”

It might look like a simple comeback but it was rather powerful. The snap that Coachella used was a picture of Jaden Smith performing at the top of a Tesla Model X, which was suspended in the air with its Falcon Wing Doors up, during his Coachella set last year.

Acknowledging his defeat in the online back-and-forth, Elon responsed, “Ok fine. that was good haha.” Other Internet users also applaused Coachella for its clapback. “Well played @coachella,” one tweeted while some others wrote, “BURN.”

Coachella had a strong comeback at Elon Musk’s diss.

“Oh damn. Best comeback of the day. And it’s only 10am EST,” a person commented.

Jayden Smith chimed in on the conversation.

Meanwhile, Jayden also chimed in on the conversation. The musician son of Will Smith appeared to extend an olive branch of love for both Elon and Coachella by tweeting, “:) @elonmusk I Love You @coachella I Love You.”

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