Chris Eubank Jr promises to ‘embarrass’ Liam Williams in ‘grudge match’

Chris Eubank Jr. has an axe to grind with Liam Williams

Chris Eubank Jr insists he will punish rival Liam Williams for labelling him a “lowlife” in the build-up to their middleweight bout in Cardiff in December.

32-year-old Eubank Jr. is approaching a shot at the world title but has opted to try and settle his bitter feud with Williams first, after the Welshman’s various tirades lambasting the Hove fighter’s character and personality.

The pair have been engaged in a long-running feud on social media, and Eubank Jr. is keen to settle things once and for all in the ring next month.

“He has said a lot of reckless things online and it doesn’t sit well with me at all,” Eubank Jr said in a pre-fight press conference. “Respect is definitely not a word I would use in my feeling towards Liam. He has said a lot of reckless feelings online and it doesn’t sit well with me. This is a grudge match and genuine domestic rivalry, the things he has said has made it personal.

“The things he has said, ‘lowlife’, ‘scumbag’ and ‘cretin’, these are the words that I can use to describe a man that talks the way he talks and he will eat his words soon enough. It seems he has come here today and talked about respect but it has gone too far past that and he is going to get embarrassed.”


By his own admission, Williams feels similarly about the event, highlight that he views Eubank Jr. the fighter and Eubank Jr. the man as two separate entities.

“I have to go through him and deal with Chris, I have a lot of respect for him as a fighter,” the 29-year-old said. “As a fighter he is tough and durable and respect to him in that sense, but he is just another opponent to me and I want to punch his head in and move forward.”

“Personally though I don’t have much respect for him and I don’t like the way he goes about his business, he isn’t someone I would want to be friends with. I personally think this guy is full of s***, he must have had some lessons on how to talk from his Daddy. It is going to be a win for Liam Williams no doubt and it is going to be a great fight for the fans.”

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