Chris Brown Facing Pricey Lawsuit After His Dog Allegedly Attacks Housekeeper

A former housekeeper for Chris Brown has launched a lawsuit against him in which she claims she was mauled by the R&B star’s dog.

According to TMZ, court documents reveal that the housekeeper had been taking out the garbage outside at Chris’s Tarzana, Los Angeles property when she says the dog attacked her. In the lawsuit, she claimed the dog managed to leave massive bite marks all over her body, including on her face, arms, and torso. The incident took place in December 2020.

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The dog in question, named Hades, is a Caucasian Shepherd Ovcharka, a large breed that has traditionally been used as a guard dog. The breed originated in the Caucasus region of Europe, hence its name. Known for their large stature, the dogs usually grow to up to be between 40-50kg and 67-75 cm in height.

Perhaps the most surprising part of the lawsuit, however, is the housekeeper’s claims that Chris and his entourage did not try to intervene despite being home at the time. In fact, the former employee, whose name has not been released to the media, said that the musician tried to cover-up the dog attack when authorities eventually arrived on the scene.

The court documents allege that Chris only came to the housekeeper’s aid once the dog had stopped attacking. However, shortly after 911 was called, the singer had his team try to get rid of the evidence. Specifically, the housekeeper says he instructed his team to clean up the bloody mess as well as take the dogs and leave before authorities arrived.

Even more, the housekeeper is claiming Chris tried to evade the police by providing misleading information about the incident. She alleges he told police he didn’t know what happened or who had taken the dogs.

TMZ reports that authorities eventually apprehended the canine and put him down after he was deemed to be a danger to society. However, the dog was found in Humboldt County, located in Northern California, which the publication notes is several hours away from the singer’s Tarzana property. It’s unclear why the dog was in Humboldt or how he was found.

Currently, it’s unclear exactly how much the former employee is seeking in her lawsuit. She says she required surgery to treat the injuries she sustained during the attack. Her husband is also reportedly suing Chris for damages, specifically for the “loss of the ability to have the love and companionship of his wife,” TMZ explains. So far, Chris’ team has not commented on the suit.

Even more, it was reported in April that the housekeeper’s sister, Patricia Avila, also filed her own lawsuit on behalf of her sister. Court documents from her lawsuit explain that her sister was being paid $600 per day to clean Chris’ L.A. home. They go on to allege the dog had a history of aggression and ended up taking off 3 to 4 inches of the woman’s skin during the attack.

However, it’s currently unclear why Avila filed a lawsuit before her sister since she was not the victim of the attack and it does not appear she was present at the Tarzana property when the incident occurred.

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