Chilling CCTV shows ‘ghost bike’ moving on its own at night

A ghostly bike has been captured on CCTV footage appearing to move across a road on its own.

The video was taken last week at the Shambles Market in York. The city has a rich tradition of paranormal activity, with several ghost tours available to visitors.

YorkshireLive reports the footage was shared on the Shambles Market's Facebook page. The post read: "Something very strange was spotted on CCTV… and this clip gives us the chills. Theories welcome… Has anyone else noticed peculiar paranormal activity around town?"

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The footage shows one of the market's brick roads at night, with no humans in sight. Slowly, the bike emerges from the right of the frame and travels across the road of its own accord. The peddles remain unmoving and there is no rider.

In total, the bike is seen moving for just under 10 seconds. It comes to a stop when it hits the kerb on the other side of the road and remains upright for a moment before falling to the ground.

Could it just be wind or a prank, or is something more spooky at play? Reacting in the comments section, one person wrote: "If it rolled down the middle of the street I'd be impressed. Not impossible to roll it out of the alleyway."

Another person said in reply: "It does look like someone’s riding it unsteadily though, it wobbles like when a child is learning. Maybe a drunk in camouflage gear…. all adds to the charm of York anyway."

The Facebook page for The Original Ghostwalk of York commented: "We need to research which York ghosts had a penchant for scones (and required stabilisers)?"

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