Celebrity Chefs Share Their Ultimate Throwback Photos—Can You Guess Who Is Who?

Beauty Queen

“Just found this photo of me at 23! #flashbackfriday,” wrote this future cooking show host on a stunning black and white throwback photo.

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Nigella Lawson

The British culinary star and prolific cookbook author has blessed our TV screens for the last 20 years, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be stopping anytime soon.

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College Model

This well-known lifestyle maven is no stranger to the camera—and this throwback photo is just one from her “college modeling days.” 

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Martha Stewart

Still a stunner in front of the camera, Stewart is a household name for her cooking shows, lifestyle magazine, cookbooks and more. 

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Adventurous Eater

At 21 years old, this future TV host took a memorable trip to Jerash, Jordan where she tasted some incredible food, like a mezze that she says was “out of this world.” She also called her look back then an “unfortunate bangs situation.” 

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Padma Lakshmi

Now eating is a part of Lakshmi’s full time job as the host of Top Chef on Bravo. 

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Kindergarten Cutie

“Baby got bang,” wrote the actress-turned-chef who hosted her old costars on her Cooking Channel show. 

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Tiffani Thiessen

Thiessen grew out her bangs and grew up into a beloved TV star before breaking into the food world with her show Dinner at Tiffani’s. She’s also since debuted her first cookbook Pull Up a Chair

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Like Mom Used to Make

The Food Network star’s love affair with food all started as a kid with two culinary enthusiasts as parents. She shared a picture with her mother on Twitter, writing, “Me w my moms in the early 80s #tbt #ThrowbackThursdays #throwback.” 

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Alex Guarnaschelli

Today, the cookbook author and TV personality makes waves as an Iron Chef winner, Chopped judge and as the executive chef of New York City’s Butter restaurants. Hungry fans also appreciate her social media presence—she posts a healthy amount of food pictures. 

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Dream Starter

This Italian-born chef threw it back to the beginning of her culinary adventures at Le Cordon Bleu—the world famous French cooking school.


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Giada De Laurentiis

Since getting her start in Paris, De Laurentiis is now tasked with finding the next big chef alongside Bobby Flay on Food Network Star

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Beach Boy

Before this chef was a judge on Food Network’s Chopped or a successful restaurateur, he was just a kid at the beach! “Taking it all the way back to 1972,” he wrote on Instagram.

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Marc Murphy

As the son of a diplomat, the celebrity chef started his food education young, growing up in cities with major food scenes like Milan, Paris, Rome and Genoa. Today, Murphy is the chef-owner of Landmarc and Ditch Plains restaurants in New York. 

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Photogenic Foodie

The now chef (right) was a natural on camera well before his days as a Food Network star. “Back when disposable cameras were readily available…remember that??,” he posted.

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Scott Conant

The Chopped judge, 46, is known for his tough love on the Food Network competition series. He also owns several restaurants around the country, including Fusco in New York City and Mora Italian in Phoenix. 

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Grill Master

“How’s this for a #TBT? Working the grill with @inagarten —phenomenal both then and now ??” posted this chef-restaurateur.

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Geoffrey Zakarian

The fashion forward 58-year-old chef is fixture on the Food Network, starring in shows such as Chopped, The Kitchen and Cooks vs. Cons. He also recently partnered up with Charlize Theron to host a dinner for her charity at his newest restaurant Georgie at Montage Beverly Hill.

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Chatty Cathy

Before dishing up gossip and talking “30-minute meals” on her daytime show, the now chef and TV personality was blabbing away on payphones. “The start of a great career in talk or Chatty Cathy cuts class? P.S. What is that thing I am holding?” she wrote on her Instagram.

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Rachael Ray

The culinary superstar with four hit Food Network shows, bestselling cookbooks, a self-titled magazine, and a hit daytime talk show clearly has a lot on her plate—and she still makes time for charitable work. In August, Ray announced that she will be donating $1 million raised by her foundation—which collects a portion of proceeds from her dog food company, Nutrish—to benefit animals affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

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Southern Girl

This little cutie walked the runway as a model in her twenties before making a switch to a career in food where she would incorporate her Nashville roots into unique dishes.

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Carla Hall

Now the Music City native brings her bright and boisterous personality—and delicious recipes, like her slow-cooked pork chops—as a co-host on ABC’s Emmy award-winning series The Chew.

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Love at First Bite

The culinary guru took a trip down memory lane when she posted a photo with her husband from their wedding day in 1968. “Still having fun 48 years later,” she wrote. 

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Ina & Jeffrey Garten

Long before the cameras were ever rolling, the Food Network star had Jeffrey by her side every step of the way. “I think he’s like the husband we all want. Totally supportive, adorable, smart, funny, and incredibly generous,” she said. Garten amounts their lasting marriage to one thing: respect. “The secret is that you just take care of eachother and admire each other and you get that back,” she added.

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Sweet Ride

The future pastry chef first had a thing for cars—specifically his own Chevrolet Beretta from 1989.


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Duff Goldman

The superstar baker, who started his popular Baltimore bakery, Charm City Cakes, out of his apartment, made it big on Food Network’s Ace of Cakes. 

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Hometown Boy

“Back in the day. Working at the green market in Elizabeth NJ,” the chef wrote. 

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Tom Colicchio

As a Top Chef  judge, Colicchio has helped the Bravo competition series garner 11 consecutive Emmy nominations.  


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Love Birds

The British chef posted a sweet wedding shot with his wife on their 17th anniversary. “Thank you for everything you are the best,” he wrote. 

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Jamie Oliver

Oliver and his wife Jools are now the proud parents to five children, who often lend a hand in the kitchen. 

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Curls on Lock

Before serving award-winning burgers, the chef and TV star was one curly-haired teen. “Throwback pic!!!….yowza….80’s in the house!! #lotsahair #lotsacurls #wheredidiggo ?,” he wrote.  

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Michael Symon

What he lacks in hair, he certainly makes up for in credentials. Symon now has several cookbooks under his belt, more than 10 restaurants around the country, and co-hosts ABC’s hit show The Chew.

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Momma’s Boy

This then freckled cutie grew up to be quite the connoisseur in the kitchen. 

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Bobby Flay

The Beat Bobby Flay star got his start at Mesa Grill in New York City and has since opened several hotspots such as Bar Americain and Gato.

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Man with a Stand

Before getting behind the stove, this chef manned his own pretzel stand. “Back to where it all began… #nationalpretzelday #throwback #pretzel,” he wrote.

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Guy Fieri

Fieri has since tasted some of the country’s greatest pretzels—in addition to a variety of other interesting foods—on his hit show Diner’s, Drive-Ins and Dives.

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Back of House

“#tbt to the 90’s in the Verbena kitchen pre-opening prep,” this star chef wrote on Instagram. “This was one of my most influential chef experiences, I didn’t know it at the time of that picture but I knew I was involved in something very important in my culinary life.” She added: “Lifetime friendships started here.”  

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Amanda Freitag

Since her days of working the kitchen line, the chef has gone on to open her own restaurants and star as a judge on Food Network’s Chopped and co-host of American Dinner Revival. 

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