Carol Klein shares her ‘number one rule’ for healthy plants in light of her new series

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Gardening expert Carol Klein will be helping Britons to tend to their autumn gardens tonight in her new series, Autumn Gardening with Carol Klein. Carol will be filming the new five-part series from her own beautiful garden – Glebe Cottage in Devon. The garden pro has been honing her own horticultural skills at Glebe Cottage for more than 40 years.

Each week she will be showing Britons how her garden changes with the season and how to tend to it as each change occurs.

Carol’s tips are for both novices and seasoned gardeners and gardens of all sizes – from country estates to balcony spaces.

In light of the new series, Carol shared some insight into what viewers can expect, what she thinks are the main challenges people face in their gardens and some of the series’ highlights.

Carol said viewers can expect to see a “whole different picture of autumn” during the series.

The programme will be filmed day by day in the very season which means the show will be more “intimate” and “very real”.

Some Britons can find tending their gardens challenging, even after following expert advice.

Carol said she thinks the “main problem” most gardeners face is a “lack of confidence”.

She continued: “I think that rather than relying on experts, books and television programmes, it is very much a question of doing it – of finding out for yourself.

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“I think there are a few basic, not rules exactly, but practices that people ought to follow.

“The whole thing about right plant in the right place is the number one rule, if you want your plants to succeed.

“You need to make sure that they are the right plants for you, your soil, and your situation.

“I think nowadays people try to find out far more about where plants are coming from, and try to select plants that are really going to thrive for them in the kind of conditions they’ve got.”

Carol also said gardening doesn’t need to be expensive with a lot of it being “completely free”.

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She added: “Growing stuff from seed need cost you hardly anything, especially if you learn how to collect your own seed as well, and that way you can create lots of beautiful plants.

“And gradually, it gradually you build up your experience and your knowledge, and your success. Although it is very much an ongoing thing!

“I am still learning new things every day.”

One of the series’ highlights will be episode three which will have planting bulbs as its main theme.

Autumn is known as bulb planting season and is a great time to plant things ready for spring.

However, Carol won’t just be showing viewers how to plant your bulbs, and where to plant them.

She will also be discussing some of the origins of the bulbs.

Carol shared an example. She said: “For instance, we are planting camassias – which has a lovely blue flower in spring – and we talk about where they grow wild, along the western seaboard of the United States.

“We explain how Native Americans, whilst not cultivating them nonetheless always used them, collecting them in the wild, drying the bulbs over winter at their campfires, and then eating them.

“They store really well, and apparently they make brilliant eating! They’re packed with protein.”

The first episode of Autumn Gardening With Carol Klein will see the gardening expert harvest produce from her vegetable garden and collect fresh seed from her summer flowers.

Carol will also be sowing seeds, planting out perennials which she divided in spring and putting together a new project.

Autumn Gardening With Carol Klein will air tonight at 7pm on Channel 5

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