Car tax changes impacts elderly couple who can’t sell home due to loud noise

A couple have said the new Clean Air Zones in their town has caused an increase in traffic levels.

Laura and Alan Weston, who live in Bath, claimed more lorries are using tight residential area to avoid the fees.

The pair believe this has prevented them from putting bids into other properties nearby where they are desperate to move to.

Sadly for the two, Laura said most days they want to "get out of the house" due to the noise of the vehicles.

And the new increase in traffic is a "major incident waiting to happen".

Speaking to Somerset Live, she said: "We can't sell because of the road. It's just absolutely horrendous.

"We've been here 40 years and want to move somewhere quiet but nobody wants it."

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She added: "It's the heavy lorries at 5.30pm and late into the night too. We're a bag of nerves really.

"We've been on the market since last October. People tell the estate agent they like the house but it's the road, it's the traffic.

"I take my grandkids to school a couple days a week and it's frightening.

"I do all I can, make sure I walk on the roadside but they thunder past you and they've only got to do is swerve and we're in trouble."

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Rush Hill, where they live, is close to the Clean Air Zone which started at Wells Road.

Taxis and private hire vehicles are charged £9 per day to enter the city centre.

Vans, light goods vehicles and campervans are also charged the fee but private cars are exempt.

Meanwhile, lorries and heavy goods vehicles are forced to pay a massive £100 to use the city streets.

Neighbour Chris said he struggles to get his disabled wife into the car due to the increased traffic.

He said he has even written to the council with his concerns but said he has not received a reply.

Chris said: "I've lost my wing mirror three times already this year. I try to get my wife into the car, but it is very hard with all the traffic.

"I've reached out to the councillors but haven't had anything back."

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Councillor Kevin Guy, leader of Bath and North East Somerset Councils, claimed they were monitoring the situation.

He said: "We take seriously the concerns expressed about increased traffic on roads that are lying outside of the Bath Clean Air Zone (CAZ) boundary.

"A perception of more HGV’s and vans using these roads could be because of the CAZ, but we need to remind people that nationally, there are now more HGV's and vans on our roads than ever before due to the increased use of home deliveries.

"It is not our intention to make surrounding roads more dangerous or polluted."

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